Thursday, September 1, 2005

Kitty-isms: Confessions...

Here's one for you, play along if you feel like it :)  

1.  I procrastinate something fierce.  I will do 20 other things in order to avoid the 1 task I don't want to do or deal with.  I make a list of things every day and cross off things accomplished.  It is the only way I can get anything done.  

2.  I like to mediate.  No, no, not meditate~the sitting and quietly reflecting your innards.  But mediate~helping settle disagreements.  I blame that on being a Libra.  

3.  I am becoming agoraphobic (fear of being outside comfort zones) especially in public places.  Causing panic attacks.   Just from thoughts in my head...  

4.  I like control.  But I am willing to relinquish it to another.  I believe it is hard to find an equality factor in control.  It is hardly ever 50/50.  

5.  I believe the only way to live is to live.  Stop learning and growing, and you essentially become stagnant.  That leads to unhappiness in one's self.   

6.  Nobody else can fix my issues but me.  If I put it out there, I have to be open to the input.  Good and bad.  Being able to take criticism for the message behind it is an ability beyond no other.  Being able to control your temper is the ultimate.  

7.  Nobody will help me if I get defensive.  Attacking a person for giving me their advice will get me no where.  Retorting wastes my time.  

8.  I have an intense need to correct spelling errors.  Even with other people's writing.  Of course, I can refrain from doing so... but it is distracting to me.  (Blaming this on years of working with Wayne ;)  

9.  I sometimes like children a whole lot more than adults.  Their honesty is intense.  I wish I could make it last forever.  Kids always know more than their parents give them credit for, even the bad stuff.  

10.  I can forgive.  It is harder for me to forget.  I return more cautiously.  Sometimes it is just right to walk away.  Even with nothing.  But the easiest thing to do in any given situation is, almost always, not the right thing to do.   The easy way is not the right road to take....  



perkysgrl said...

Well Cat, I think I've learned a few new things from you today.

I might play along on this... But I'm not sure if I can come
up with enough interesting stuff :)


thelovetrain said...

It's ALL cake, and you can lick just about anything that you want to (slurpity).

Might I suggest one thing to consider though, Cat. Since you can't answer me, right this moment, I'm going to (ha!)...

... Forgiving is tadpolish. I don't feel the same about 'forgetting', though. I try to remember, so that I can learn, and won't repeat my past mistakes. Then too, that's a 'me thing'. You may choose to do things differently.

~Brian @---->---

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Dang, can I just swipe your answrs?!  
K, everything but the mediating....I don't mediate, I'm just stuck in the middle.  

okay...and, I AM agoraphobic..have been since I was in junior high...hate stores, carnivals, especially the mall-have to go during the morning times when not many folks are there...have wretched panic attacks, of course I'm the only one that knows they're happening.  My stomach is in knots thinking about going to the school to meet Pey's new teacher, school-UGH ;) that's where it all started!

k, well one more edit...I'm not really good with kids, I just kinda stare at them ;)~ but I love their honesty, love how they say what they think.


redbaranjj said...

We have a lot in common Cat...altho I will be the first to admit...I am the worst speller in the world!  ;)  


missboogerhead said...

My page must be horribly distracting to you then... :-)  LOL  I can't spell to save my life!  LOL
~Miss O