Monday, September 26, 2005

As promised.....

Ok, people keep tagging me so here is my play....  

The Assignment:  

Go to archives.  Go to the 23rd entry.  Copy/Paste the 5th sentence of that entry here.  

Mine is:  "You never barge through the door first, take the last piece of turkey on the plate or forget to write thank-you notes promptly."  

An entry talking about character traits of Libras :)  

This assignment calls for naming 5 others to do this, but I'm not doing that.  Most of you have done this.  Those who want to, can... Same goes for those who don't :)  

In Who's your Daddy News....   (don't hate me now ;)  


Your Daddy Is Johnny Depp What You Call Him: Daddy-o

Why You Love Him: He takes you to Disneyland
Who's Your Daddy?

Work was busy.  Three teachers to 10 kids....  We had 3 bites and 1 fall to report, so it was a bad day for that.  These kids are quick to chomp!  They'll be playing nicely, then one gets mad....  BAM!  Act is over.   

We cannot punish them other than sitting them down with a book.  We were told that 'time out' is not suitable at this age.  That they do not understand it.  Bull Hockey!  I'm in a room full of master manipulators in the making.  

Let's not even talk about the first time parents who do not want their child dirty and believe she can do no wrong.  We have one set who absolutely get outraged if their daughter gets anything on her clothes.  They even went as far as accusing my coworkers (I was off that day) of getting dog poop on her shoe.  DOG POOP!  They're nuts...  

Her mom got ticked one day because the kid was bitten by a 'friend'.  The girl who works the shift I do told her that her kid bites too, so it's not like she isn't dishing it out...   

Here's your sign:  If you want to make sure that your child never gets bitten by another child~stay home and take care of her yourself. 

As far as the dog poop goes, well... I don't advise telling her to walk on the street to avoid getting it on her shoe ever again.  {No way she got dog poop on her~our kids never walk on grass outside.  Our outdoor play area is fenced in and the gateskept closed at all times, even when we're out there.}  

Anyway, they're neurotic.  Some are... but not most :)  

Grace has to bring snacks for the week at preschool.  It's B week, so today she took bananas and blueberries, both her suggestions.  Dad said the teachers raved about the blueberries and Grace said all the kids loved them :)  She was happy about that.   

Wednesday we are bringing bones.  As in those scooby doo bone-shaped graham crackers.  Friday will be birthday something-or-rathers...  She hasn't decided yet. 

Tomorrow is dance class and the fund-raiser for her preschool at Burger King from 4-8 :)  I need an excuse to eat out!  Kitty's going on a healthy kick right before the holidays ;)  

So, that is it from my midwestern piece of our world....   



pixiedustnme said...

a health kick BEFORE the holidays?  what are you crazy? well, unless you intend to lift the ban for the holidays - then it's all good :-)

sieblonde said...

The acorn never falls far from the tree.   I can only imagine what some of those trees are like.  lol.  ~Sie

perkysgrl said...

Blueberries and banana's... Yum... Good suggestion Gracie :)

Bitters and Dog Poop huh??

Wow, Drama at Preschool!!!

I guess I'm getting the shite end of the deal because Rowan
still is sick... But on the other hand, she hasn't been bitten!!


redbaranjj said... must be so hard to keep your cool when  parent acts like that!  I would have lost it by now!  And...I love the sign!!!  :)
Awww...Scooby bones!!   Josh loves those too!!  :)


stupidsheetguy said...

I'm in a room full of master manipulators in the making.

If you want to make sure that your child never gets bitten by another child~stay home and take care of her yourself.  

BANG BANG! Two sentences that nail it RIGHT on the head. Good for you. I like the way you think!


billandnae said...

Johnny Depp?  You BITCH!  Wanna switch?!?!?

Time out with a book?  shit, that would be something fun, why would I do that? LOL

Now see, I gots the dog poop everywhere now.  Jakey uses the same spot all the time, but Maggers is a shit were you sit kinda dog.  She finally started going in the grassy yard and not on the play's carpeting and kids found it every time!

We did the dog foodtwo weeks ago with Scooby snacks, half of them were like EWWW!  I'm not eating that!

onecrazymomto5 said...

Boy isn't she smart - blueberries and bananas!!  Sounds like you have a few problem parents at your school!!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

You lucky biotch!  I got Patrick Stewart, cause he my baby daddy!..what the hell?!

No time-outs?!  Cause they don't understand?!  They understand that biting will hurt, but they don't understand having to take a time out.   Makes sooooo much sense ;)~  And clean clothes?!  what are those?!  hahaha!  Um, the last time I saw clean clothes on my child was when she was a baby and I covered her in spit rags! Now new clothes last one wear before they're stained.  Can't wait to see the parent's faces when they realize this child is going to do whatever she wants for the next 16 years at least :)~

Good Job on the B's, Gracie! :)  ooh, and Burger King!  Gotta love those fast food fundraisers!  much better than selling wrapping paper ;)  ...wanna buy some?!  ;)~  joking, it's ugly and expensive...I'll sell it to my mom ;)~


judithheartsong said...

it is always good to come and see you. judi

justaname4me2 said...

I can't even fathom being that way with a child, never get dirty, ever. I have to believe being a child is all about getting DIRTY~ But, I know exactly what you mean, when I was a Director of a preschool, I had many parents who would get upset about paint on their childs hand, or heaven forbid, on their shirt. I would have to calmly explain to them why getting dirty meant their child was learning and that was a precious thing.

missboogerhead said...

"I'm in a room full of master manipulators in the making."
Well said indeed!  They just don't get it!  And 1st time parents are the worst!
~Miss O