Friday, September 2, 2005

He should wipe that smug @$$ grin off his face....

106 hours.  

4 1/2 days.  

It took that long before those stranded by the floods of Katrina got any type of help from our government.  

That is pathetic.  

There should have been a plan in place for evacuation of the sick, elderly, and poor.  This should have been anticipated.  Even so, the Federal Government should have been there sooner.  A lot sooner.  

They better have an evacuation plan for the future now!  

Now there are reports of denying assistance from strangers offering food and water.  Strangers?  In times of crisis, with the exception of the Civil War of course, Americans pull together.  We offer what we can.  

The Superdome had people starving.  There were starving people all over.  And those offering to help were denied because they were not affiliated with the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or military.  

It is shameful.  

Another self righteous act by the powers that be.  Bush even said people stealing (looting) food or water would be stopped.  WTF?  

Bet he'd steal if his daughters were knee deep in funk.  Yeah, I blame him ultimately.  He is the Commander in Chief.  Leader of this country.  I'd blame any... lemme repeat that~ ANY~ 'president' that did this.  

The Director of FEMA said last night on Nightline that things were just confirmed yesterday that conditions were indeed that bad.  JUST CONFIRMED!  Ted Koppel, God love him, said "Don't you people watch TV?"   He crax me up!  (new word ;)  

Here's another question he asked preceeding that one:  "How is it that news cameras and reporters got there, but you guys (FEMA), the charities, and the military couldn't get in?"   Isn't he just great?!  

I am proud to be American.  Americans have donated over two hundred million dollars since Katrina hit.  We will take care of our own, even without the government's help. 

But this is another black mark on our country's (collective) soul.  From the same man.  

It is unexcusable.  


PS~If you can watch Nightline tonight.  It is being questioned if no help was sent because the people were mostly poor and black.  That ought to be real good ;)


alilcountrycharm said...

This is VERY unexcusable and disquisting....It makes new nauseated to watch any of the news now.......Keeping all those thousands and thousands of people in my thoughts and prayers. Shame on our government and shame on FEMA!

djzgirl71 said...


missboogerhead said...

I saw that interview too!  He did a good job asking the hard questions that everyone wanted answered but in a respectful way.  And that isn't an easy thing to do.
~Miss O

redbaranjj said...

I am so with you on this one...half the time that jack*ss looked like he was thinking about something else!  
I love it when they's time 'our president' takes a look at the poverty in his own country!  But all he cares about is his daddy's war and making more money for himself.  
Shame on him!  Really...shame on him for letting things get so bad...
And what are we showing other countries right now...'the people of america all band together...but where is your president or your government?'  
Richest country in the world...and he can't even give help to our own fellow americans....until he starts to look bad...
Shame on him!


quartrlyfecrysis said...

OMG!  I haven't even been able to handle reading the recent articles about what the government is going to do to help...I was ENRAGED to the point of yelling in my own living room at these people.  I flipped when I read the comments about the military being 'locked and loaded', 'just back from overseas and know how to handle these situations with lethal force and are prepared to do just that'.  WTF?!  Great idea to threaten that the white republican's are going to go shoot up the south.  WTF?!  and to see him standing there in a pressed shirt and slacks looking at some plans instead of getting his hands dirty.  F him.  he stood in the midst of ground zero, now he stands on the clean sidelines barking half ass orders.  oh man, I got I don't want to stop.  F HIM!  F HIM! F HIM!