Tuesday, September 6, 2005

I'm so slow, I got tagged twice...

I cannot run so, Julie and Nae tagged me....  

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die     

1.  Trail blaze through the Andes mountains for a month.  

2.  Teach Gracie everything I know.

3.  Live in a foreign country for five years.

4.  Get another college degree.

5.  Take another cross country train trip, this time with Grace.

6.  Hold my own grandbaby.

7.  Seek political office.  


7 Things I Can Do   

1.  Bake.

2.  Teach.

3.  Touch the floor without bending my knees ;)

4.  Settle disagreements.

5.  Be unbiased and honest.

6.  Help or try to.

7.  Be mean.  


7 Things I Can't Do  

1.  Pee standing up.  I tried ;)

2.  Forget.  It takes awhile...

3.  Anger easily.

4.  Leave Grace with people I do not know.

5.  Ride on a motorcycle.

6.  Relax in public places.

7.  Drink more than two beers.  


7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex  

1.  Eyes.

2.  Demeanor.

3.  A man who likes to cook.

4.  Height!

5.  Complexion  ;)

6.  Paycheck.  lmao  :)  Kitty likes being comfy...

7.  Muscles  


7 Things I Say Most Often  

1.  STOP IT!

2.  No!

3.  Listen!

4.  Do not......

5.  Love you, Baby

6.  Why don't you....

7.  Here's your sign.  


7 Celebrity Crushes  (in no order)    

1.  Will Smith

2.  Bradley.  (no last name needed, there is only one)

3.  (Still love) Harrison Ford

4.  Josh Calloway (Sawyer from LOST~think that's his name)

5.  LL Cool J

6.  Viggo Mortenson

7.  Shalimar Moore  


7 People I Want To Do This    

1.  One who has not done it before.

2.  One who may want to do it again. 

3.  I think everyone who reads here, has done it already....

4.  Any person who is just bored.

5.  Trying to find something to write about.

6.  Anyone?

7.  Someone!  


thelovetrain said...

* Squirt bonus: You have 'legs', for pee to run down.

All right, Kitty. Let me see if I can round-up an image to post with this, and I'll hook it on my journal, within the next day, or two.

... Especial, because 'you' asked.

~Brian @---->---


sieblonde said...

If you can't run, hide.  That's my advice!  lol  

alilcountrycharm said...

Great answers cat! I've seen this floating around j-land but I haven't been tagged yet :o( Nor do I know exactly how this is suppose to work! ha! I didn't know you had a crush on Viggo! I have lots of tubes of him ;o) Guess who's going tobe getting some viggo tags? hehe....

redbaranjj said...

Great Answers Cat!!!  :)


quartrlyfecrysis said...

Love your last 7....that's hilarious :)


pixiedustnme said...

Yup, I already got tagged twice too,  haven't done it yet, who knows if I wait another day or two maybe I can add a couple more to that list.  And gosh, haven't you already taught Gracie everything you know?  I mean, how long could that possibly take ;-)

stupidsheetguy said...

7.  Here's your sign.  LOL, if that's the "sign" I'm thinking about, we're definitely on the same page!

I can touch the floor without bending my knees a bit. It happens when I fall. Which I do too much.


randlprysock said...

Oh that would be awesome to go to the mountains and especially since you know which ones you want to go to it would be more enjoyable.  ONLY don't go to any here in FL this time of year or south of here as it is too horribly miserable hot.  And the paycheck ya, that's a good one.  But hey babe, you can't get a second degree until I get one finished- LOL!  Ya gotta wait til my three kids grow up.    Hugs,

awen1122 said...

YAYYYY I WAS FINALLY TAGGED!  LMAO!!!  Ok, well sort of...so now I am going to do it!  Woo hoo!!!


onecrazymomto5 said...

You aren't the last one to do it!  I still haven't done it!  OK maybe I will!  Will have to think about it for a while!

billandnae said...

It's Holloway and during our after sex cigarette he told me to tell you that it's okay you didn't know the spelling, he's so easy going    :)~

Oh and Bradley is really William as in Bill so I think that will be my pet name for him, I mean afterall, I pretend Bill is Brad anyway....

missboogerhead said...

Girl, I vote for you!  And "ANOTHER" degree?  Honey, we already feel stupid in your presence, really, give the not so bright folk a break?!?  :-)  LOL
Great answers!  <<HUGS>>
~Miss O