Tuesday, September 6, 2005

More from moi....

Ms. Gracie had her first dance class of the year this morning.  I must say I am much more relaxed this time around.  Grace is the only one with previous experience in this class, so that helps her to behave.   Most of the other girls are 2-3, so my girl is a bit older but she takes on the leader role with younger kids.  That will do her so much good!  With last years class, she was one of the youngest and would act out trying to get their attention.   

This year, Ms Dance Teacher (same one) is having Grace do things first to show the younger girls.  Which also means sitting down and patiently waiting your turn.  A feat she had not accomplished last year.  She had a few moments of her old ways, but she was much more easily put back into proper place.  

So, I am looking forward to taking her and not having to deal with uppity mothers this time :)  Most seemed very nice, and a bit nervous since their little ones had not been in dance before.  

Went to the store and saw that the rising gas prices had trickled on down to upping the cost of my bacon.... and everything else.  I'm sure Katrina's wrath will not help matters.  

My plans have somewhat changed as far as going down to help.  I didn't make the Salvation Army's timeline for departure, so I'll be joining a team of mechanical engineers and architects from my brother's company he works for.  They're heading to the lake (and the Gulf) to help work on new levees and new ideas for a next time.  Yes, they are anticipating a next time.  Best to be prepared in advance.  

I will be dropped off somewhere along the way.  I have yet to find out where exactly, but it won't be too hard to do.  We have two 26' long U-Hauls, 1 semi (a friend), and one church bus full of food, water, clothes, blankets, toys, shoes, bottles, formula... and I could go on.  I have lined up local business donations, most of which is cash, and received $5,387.00.  (Get receipts for your donations!!  Charitable deductions on taxes!)  

I saw a commercial for McDonald's saying they are collecting donations at their restaurants.  They also say A PORTION of your donations will go to the hurricane victims.  A Portion??  Why not all of it, 'Mr. McDonald'?  Like you guys need more money!  It makes me sick that 'charities' need to keep a portion of donations for 'Administrative costs'.  Pee pee on them!  

The money I have collected is going directly to people I meet.  No middle man, no waiting for time.  $500.00 will keep a family of four in a shelter for months.  I imagine I'll be sent to a city receiving victims instead of New Orleans or in Gulfport.  Right now, the goal is to get everyone out of these cities.  The only people to be left are dead....  

I really don't want to see it live, anyway.  I'd like to remember my Mardi Gras days with a smile.  I hope for more to come, too!!  I will be back by Saturday, I believe.  That is my plan.  I will have online access while I'm gone to keep in touch.   The down side of going is I'll miss Gracie's first 2 days of school (W & F).  I hope she has good days! 

I hate not being able to take her with me.  She always goes with me to help, but this is too big, too much, and too chaotic for her right now.  I hope there is never another reason for her to go!   I'll leave late tomorrow night and we should be there by mid morning on Thursday.  My brother is still used to driving all night from his days working with his former business partner, so he's in charge of that :)  

Tomorrow is back to work time for me.  I'm looking forward to it.  Or to just getting out of the house  ;)  Dad is taking Grace to school because she has to be there at 9:00 and I have to be at work at 9:00.  At least I'll get to hear how the first day went.   I'm writing a letter to her new teacher because I didn't really get a chance to tell about Grace's speech.... and her choice of words when she gets mad or overly emotional  :)  I hope it will help her know my girl a bit better.  Best to be forewarned, anyway....  

So, with that I am off of here.  I'll check in tomorrow evening and as much as possible until I am back home.  

Take care of each other.  In recent days, we've learned all we have is each other......  



awen1122 said...

That is freakin awesme that you are going down!!!  Kudos!!!!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Cat, you are incredible!  

I can't believe these charities take a share of donations either....that's just BS.  I was really happy the other day when we had to buy school shoes and the store was donating every dime made that day to the hurricane relief.  

Glad Gracie is doing well in dance...it does feel VERY different to be the second year parent, watching all the parents that are new to it makes you feel sooo experienced ;)  Sorry you're going to miss her first days of school :( Make sure mom and dad take lots of photos for you!

You're an incredible woman Cat, I admire you.

sarajanesmiles said...

I so admire you Cat, what you are going off to do is amazing.  Please let folk know that people all over the world are thinking of them and praying for them.  
Hope Gracie's first days at school go as well for her as dance class has :o)
Sara   x

perkysgrl said...

You are doing a great job Cat... I can't believe all of what you are doing!!  It is awesome.

I'm glad Gracie is having a good time in dance.  She'll do just fine I'm sure.  Rowan is the only little one in her gym class that will sit still and wait her turn... It is funny :)


billandnae said...

I'm anxious about Julie starting next Tuesday..she's so bossy..wonder where she gets that from?!?!?

Reads like you got a great bit of help and support for the refugees, kudos to you Saint Kitty!

onecrazymomto5 said...

Way to go Gracie on being a well behaved leader!!!  Good luck and Thank you with your relief efforts.  I wish I could say that the extra money you are paying for your bacon is going to the truck drivers to help with the cost of fuel!  But guess what - it isn't!  Congress didn't approve the mandatory fuel surcharge bill that would force shippers to pay truck drivers 17 cent more per mile for the rise in fuel costs.  Right now it is costing us 57 cent per mile just in fuel alone.  A year ago it was costing us 27 cent per mile.  That's 30 cents in the last year alone.  And the sad part is that the freight rates are the same as they were back in the 70's and 80's.  There was one driver that sent in his tax returns to a truckers radio show.  One was from the 70's and one was this years.  He made $10,000 more back in the 70's than he did last year.  And his expenses were I think 3 1/2 times more than they were in the 70's.  I wish I could tell you that the increase in the cost of the bacon was going to keep all these truck drivers from losing everything and going under - but it isn't.  We aren't seeing an extra dime.  Right now our expenses are barely less than our income.  We and thousands of others are fixing to go under!

stupidsheetguy said...

I think it's so great that you're putting yourself on the line to help out. It's a little frustrating being able to do little more than send a donation. We've had only a few efforts here to take part in, and I'm more than a little disappointed that we're not doing more.


redbaranjj said...

I am glad to hear that Gracie is doing so well in dance class this year!  :)

Have a safe trip Cat...you will be in my prayers as you venture down south to help so many!


missboogerhead said...

Travel safetly!  You are such a wonderful person!  Blessings and peace!  <<HUGS>>
~Miss O