Friday, September 30, 2005

"Cat is".....

See what happens when I get bored...... 

This was at Kell's place  Google your name in quotes such as I did in the above title...   

I should know better with my name ;)  

Cat is Safer Indoors  

Cat Is Dead  

Cat is cool  

Cat is pregnant (yeah, right!)  

Cat is learning  

Cat is different  

Cat is a directory  

Cat is part Maine Coon  

Cat Is Better Than a Man  (Hmmmm)  

Cat is asleep  

Cat Is On Drugs  

Cat Is Trying to Tell You  

Cat is out of the bag  

Cat is punishing us for our sins 

Cat is far wiser than any hurricane-flinging god  

Cat is in Heat (always!)  

Cat is bulimic (umm, have they seen 'me'?)  

Cat Is On Acid  

Cat is so cute  

Cat is indifferent to this sort of thing  

Cat is neurotic  

Cat is wild  

Cat is penned up in a steel chamber  

Cat is a simple and elegant  

Cat is hard  

Cat is a "red herring"  

Cat is a famous illustration of quantum theory s principle of superposition (huh?)  

Cat is pretty much the same color all over  (snicker)  

Cat is a 30-watt Class A amplifier  

Cat is the best  

Cat is finally approved  

Cat is rarely found in areas above 8000 feet  

Cat is most active at night  

Cat is an individual  

Cat is a creature of habit  

Cat is trained to use a cardboard box  

Cat is always the boss of the house  

Cat is easy to identify  

Cat is behaving the way she is  

Cat is not naturally friendly  

Cat is unique among animals  

Cat is a good example of a "thought experiment" (hee hee hee)  

Cat is locally presentable  

Cat is properly vaccinated


chevyz71gurl74 said...

haha....good ones....i may have to try this out....
Have a good weekend....

redbaranjj said...

LOL...that was very cool!  

Cat is always in heat...LOL!!


awen1122 said...

Cat FREAKIN rocks!  LOL!!  Love it!

missboogerhead said...

Cool!  I'll have to try that!
~Miss O