Saturday, October 1, 2005

Weekend Assignment #79~Sweet home Chicago...

Weekend Assignment #79: Chicago! It's a toddlin' town. Share some of your favorite things about the City of Big Shoulders. If you've ever been to Chicago, memories of your visit would be a topic. If you live in or near Chicago, some hometown favorite things would be good. If you've never been, share your favorite Chicago-related thing, from the Jordan-era Bulls to the Blues Brothers to Ferris Bueller. As long as it's tangentially related to Chicago, it's all good.

Extra Credit: Chicago Deep Dish Pizza -- the best pizza ever? Your thoughts.
                                                   City of Chicago Portal  

Chicago is my favorite city for so many reasons.   

First, the variety of things to do is awesome.  One could spend a week in Chicago and never get bored or do the same thing twice.  Let's start with the museums.  I can spend a good week wondering through all the museums Chicago has to offer. 

These are my favorites:  

Museum of Science and Industry  

The Field Museum of Natural History   

The Art Institute of Chicago  

University of Chicago - Oriental Institute Museum  

Chicago Historical Society  

Chicago Academy of Sciences - Nature Museum    

Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum  

Shedd Aquarium                                                                                                                                           

Aerial photo of Museum Campus  

Then there is the cultural varieties of this City.  I like to think of it as a 'Little New York' with a lot less people to deal with :)  And it is a lot closer to me than NY  ;)   

Where to begin? 

One could eat out every day for a month and never eat the same type of food!  It is awesome.  Since I am a big Middle Eastern food/culture fan, I venture to Lawrence and Kedzie Avenues to satisfy my craving for authentic foods from 'Salam'. 

There are stores that offer clothes, jewelry, and items of every day use from these countries, too :)  

There are many other cultures here, too.  Korean, Italian, Cuban, Jamaican, and African.  I love this town! 

There is no way a person could get bored in a short amount of time in Chi-town.   The nightlife never stops here.  Navy Pier is open and crowded well into the wee morning hours.  If you're a water lover and looking for something to do~take a ride on the 'Ugly Duck' Boat.  A multi-level cabin cruiser that offers a nightclub onboard and a top deck view of the Navy Pier skyline :)


For those not into the crowd scene, walk one of the beaches on Lake Michigan or venture into downtown Chicago to see the Sears Tower, Oprah's show, or even the University of Chicago (where ER is taking place).  

If you're looking to spend some cash, Chi-town offers most major store names like Macy's, Bloomingdale's, and such.  But I am an outside Kitty, so I've never been there :)  

What can I say?  I love the diversity of this city.  I like to visit, but it's crowded to me, so I wouldn't want to live there.  I'll just hop the train and visit :)

For the record, though, I prefer NY style pizza.  Then again, it's all good  ;)  


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redbaranjj said...

We love taking the Amtrack down to Chicago and go to the museums and the Aquarium!  And sometimes the shopping...  We spent some of our honeymoon down there too!  ;)
Great entry Cat!!


missboogerhead said...

I LOVE Chicago!  Hey, Science and Industry, did you like the pickled babies...  :-0  I saw them when I was like, 12, I think.  I was totally grossed out!  I can still see them in my head!