Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Funk, funk go away. Never come another day....

I'm not sure if it is something in the air, in the water... or maybe some rare planetary alignment.... but whatever is causing this J~Land Funk Syndrome, can go back from where it came. 

It has spilled into everyday life and that is so not good.   We had 13 tots today.  Make that 13 tired, irritated, teething tots who insisted upon tackling each other, or pulling all one girl's hair out.  They even went on two buggy rides outside today, and they still drove each other up a wall.  

Oh, and the newest trend, started by one of the oldest in the room?    Pulling down their own pants.  Yeah.  It's been fun.  Now, one might be thinking how cute that might be.  But when you have 13, chances are one of them has got a loaded diaper.   Not a pretty sight. 

We have one boy who has 4 smelly diapers a day.  He has since he moved to our room.  I wouldn't care, but it's always diarrhea.  His Mom tonight was like "I'm not sure what to do.  The doctor says its from teething."  

Now, first, most doctors will say teething causes no other illnesses or side effects.  Second, some will admit to a clear, runny nose and low-grade fever.  But none will ever tell you teething causes diarrhea. 

I asked her if they had ever taken a stool sample.  She said no.  I asked if they ever thought he was lactose intolerant.  She said no.    But she took him back to the doc today, so we'll see what happens.  They are some of our 'concerned' parents, so they take things serious.  Wish they all did....  

So, that was work.  I get home and Grace informed me that while she was supposed to be napping, she instead, used her stick-pony (Snow White) to unlatch my bedroom door.  She told me she wanted to look at my stuff. 

I didn't want to look at 'my stuff', at that point.   See, we use hook and eye latches on all the upstairs doors, so while Dad is watching Grace, I can leave her door unlocked and she goes down after she wakes up from her nap.  

Today, after I went back to work (she apparently faked being asleep!), she snuck downstairs got Snow White and used her to open my bedroom door.  She has done this before, so stick-pony is restricted to downstairs ;)  (I know I'm gonna go insane before she hits teen years)  

Anyway, I came up here at her bedtime and just saw a spilled small bottle of baby shampoo.  No big deal.  I was rather impressed that's all she did.  I was about to tell her it wasn't so bad.  

Then I walked in here.  The old guest room, now dubbed computer room.  Holy Cow Dung!  (That's shit if you didn't know :)  It looked like a baby-powder bomb exploded in here!    Everything was covered. 

I had a mountain of baby smelling white stuff on my keyboard.  I had powder and lipstick on my monitor.  The window sills were covered in a thin layer of powder, looking like snow... only on the inside.  

There was baby powder in the cat food bowls, and of course, on the cat food.  She had started on a puzzle.  An 1000 piece puzzle.  On the middle of the floor.  Also topped with powder.   

She dumped an entire new bag of cat food out for the cats.  In the litterbox!  Guess she thought they might like a snack while they did their business.  

She even shampooed my cat, Forrest.  Too bad she didn't wash it off.  Probably a good thing she didn't try.  Forrest has some long, nasty sharp claws!  

All this while my father slept blissfully, unaware, downstairs.  Until tonight that is.  He heard it from me and from now on, he will have to be upstairs while she naps.   

As for Gracie, well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't irrate and thinking of taking the girl out... not really, but you get the point... she did get spanked, though.  She was refused stories and songs tonight and put straight to bed.  It was also the most hysterical I've ever seen her.  She did not like this punishment.  Not one bit.  

That made my Dad come upstairs yelling at us (Mom and me).  He went into Grace's room and calmed her down.  (He yelled because he felt guilty and that is his reaction to guilt)  He made her apologize to me.   I sat her on my bed and we talked about it.  I put her to bed and then sent my Mom in to also talk to her. 

Needless to say, it has been a real crappy day.  Unfortunately, from the way many of you read today, I am notalone.  

Sorry, my friends.  Let's hope tomorrow is tons better, shall we?!  :)  


PS~Thanks for all of the card and well wishes for my birthday!  You guys are swell :)


thelovetrain said...

Where da funk? It always be unfunkified at da Train station.

I have to make me a powder-girl one day... Might help to have someone to make her with, though. -- Squirt! [:P]

~Snow white hugs, Brian @---->---

thelovetrain said...

I apologize. I guess in my preoccupation I missed your birthday.

... Happy belated birthday, Cat. [:)]

quartrlyfecrysis said...

oh fuck!  i missed your birthday!  Happy Belated Birthday Kitty :)
...oh damn!  it's my nephews birthday today, I better get my isht straight!

I'd guess that the boy with the IBS ;)~ definitely has some kind of food allergy, never ever heard of teething causing that, vomitting maybe, but not the other end.

Grace, oh boy!  Pey has been having one of those weeks too ;)  She was supposed to be cleaning up her room but had snuck one of my door keys and unlocked the bathroom upstairs where all the good stuff is.  Deoderant, soap, shampoo, shaving cream and make-up everywhere!  Then she swiped a bunch of my makeup and gave the cat a makeover, she had pink ears and powder on her nose and blue eyeshadow!  I'm on the verge of buying a chain lock for every door and cabinet here ;)  Grace was quite thoughtful tho, how sweet to think of the kitties and think you'd like your computer looking and smelling all pretty ;)  kids!  sigh :)

sieblonde said...

A powder puff girl she is!  lol.  EEk.  I can only imagine the mess of baby powder everywhere.   At least she didn't get hurt.  ~Sie

perkysgrl said...

Funk Funk Go Away...

Never Come another day.

Love it Cat.

And you are so right.  It is
around a lot here... No fun!

OMG!!  Grace sure did do
some damage didn't she??

She is too smart for her own
good :)


justaname4me2 said...

Oh wow, that girl is going to keep you on your TOES Mom!! Woohoo, sorry, but you of course have to realize as a reader it's rather entertaining!

onecrazymomto5 said...

And guess who had to clean up all the baby powder and clean the cat!!  Miss Kitty!  I bet you did have a bad day!  There is nothing worse than baby powder everywhere.  Are the parents giving the child medicine for the teething?  That could be causing the diarrhea!  I hope today was better for you, and tomorrow even better than that!!

judithheartsong said...

lots of warm hugs...... that was some mess. Hang in and hang on. judi

chevyz71gurl74 said...

((((((((Cat))))))))....Hope your weekend is better...sounds like you could use some rest and relaxation....gawd i would have hated to have to clean all that mess up....poor thang.... This week has been a doosy...tomorrow is friday tho =)

redbaranjj said...

Ahhh...yes, I remember the baby powder snow storms!  We still have to keep any powder up high to this day!  And there is nothing worse then cleaning up that powder!  I feel for ya!!  
Boy she really did do a number.  
Hope your day went much better today...I think there is a curse over J land right now...  :::sigh:::

Here's to better days.


randlprysock said...

Sorry you had such a day!!  Wow!!  For all you've been through I'm impressed that you were able to write about it!  Sometimes writing makes me feel better after days like that.  I went through the baby powder thing too with my three, each one at different times.   Each of them loved making a mess with it.  I don't think they ever tried to shampoo the cat though....  sounds like Gracie is a lot of fun!!  How cute!!  But I'm glad you disciplined her because parents who love are parents who discipline.  It's hard for the little ones to learn these lessons and hard for us parents to teach them!!  Hugs and hope tomorrow is a better day!!  

nighterror5 said...

Hey Sweets! WOW!! You had one heck of a day I would say. I have had that bad experience with powder. My son said it was snowing in his room, powder was everywhere =-( What a mess to have to clean up, atlest the room smells good though, hehe.
I definetly hope tomorrow is better for you, better days are sure to come. (I think, I hope)
I made a new J today, so did my Mother in law and Grandmother in law.. come and swing by when u get some free time =) My J is not as interesting as others but..stop by if you can =) Missed ya