Sunday, October 2, 2005

And the Nominees are....

Well, the VIVIs are among us now. 

In my rush to assign my favorite J~Landers a category, I have run into some areas that I cannot fill.  Lord knows I hate blanks, too....  

Actually, I only have 3 blanks but, to me, that is oh so wrong.  If anyone has a clue of who to nominate for the following categories~please allow me to share in your nominations.  

The categories I need are:  Marquis/Marquise of the Blog, Best International Journal, and Most Missed Journal.  So, help a sister out if you can.  

On to bigger and better things.   

In trying to find where my journal fits into the categories given, well, I've come up empty.  I like the 'Best use of Attitude' (because we all know my head is as big as my body ;)  However, I have discovered much bigger heads, here, than my own.  So, that knocks me out of that one.  

I don't use graphics often, nor do I write series of entries (or a single entry) worth an award.  Again, there are better people in J~Land than I where these are concerned.  

I like being outspoken in real life and I am here as well, but yet again, there are people better than I am for this as well.   I'm also not consistent with making entries and I'm sure that doesn't help. 

But rest assured, my friends, I have found my award niche!  


What do y'all think?  

Okay, I am not perfect and I intentionally write non-words, like Ya'll, c'mon, whatcha, and don'tcha... but I do know these are not words in the dictionary.... yet. 

Most of you know I am anal about spelling!  I correct errors as I go and only spell check to make sure I have caught them all.  ( I would've been a high school or college English teacher, if I could tolerate kids that old... LOL!)  

I'm secretly hoping that no one actually wants this award ;)  It is the one with least amount of praise worthy rave (in my opinion), compared to the others.   

So, maybe I'll be the only candidate (I happen to like those odds, too ;) for this category.  But I still need your vote!  

Alright, I'm done shamelessly plugging myself :)  

Have a good night, people....  



redbaranjj said...

good plug Cat!!  ;)  I am still making my list...but you will be on it.  :)


billandnae said...

I agree...this is Kitty's category.

You gots my vote ya here?

I hate grammar, so it's a wonder I tolerate your azz.  (jk)


sepintx said...

I can help on the marquise category:
( Canada )

Keep looking for the international Journal. AOL Germany has a bunch.

justaname4me2 said...

Those are 3 tough catagories, I dont' think I have one to recommend for those, yet. I just discovered all this, so I'm attempting to get my nominate brain thinking! I love non-words and in my humble opinion, a well written journal is about writing that takes a reader in, and keeps them reading to the end. When I find myself skimming through entries, those are what I would consider not so well written.
Yes, I read every single word and non-word you wrote :o)

sarajanesmiles said...

I have one for most missed...
Which is my most missed, though in finding the link I find that she just updated, lol!!  You are one of my nominees for the journal awards, not telling what for though ;o)
Sara   x

stupidsheetguy said...

Well, if none of my friends win any of the awards, I'll be holding my own Awards Show. Heck they do it in Hollywood, right? why not J-Land?

Good luck!


missboogerhead said...

Cat, I like your idea, you can take the "Mostest Wellest Written"  :-)  cause I sure ain't gettin' it!  LOL  About the International Journal, Try tillysweetchops/Adventuresofadesperatelyfathouse!  Of course if there is a most hillarious, she could take it too!
Will keep me fingies crossed!  /:-)
~Miss O

onecrazymomto5 said...

I have to agree most well written definitely suits you!  You take a subject run with it and then move on.  There is no bouncing back and forth!  And the spelling is always perfect even if it is slang!!  She even proofreads and spells properly the words that are not technically words according to Merriam - Webster people!!  Kitty deserves the most well-written journal award!!
As for the others I'm not sure of anyone to nominate!