Monday, June 26, 2006

Back in black....

Damn, where does the time go?
Sorry I never made it back to give the rundown on the recital.  It went pretty smoothly, so there wasn't much to tell other than the humdrum of the routine...
I've been on vacation since last Tuesday.  I took the time off to head to the East coast, but the money wasn't there, so I spent the last five days cleaning my room.
Yes, it took all five days, too :)  I had accumulated so much crap that I just kept piling on top of piles. 
Three huge boxes of shoes that no longer fit my feet, two 30 gallon garbage bags full of clothes that don't fit, and two bags of trash later, it is cleaner than it has been in five years.  I cannot believe I have been back here five years....
I have five costumes of Grace's that I'm not sure what to do with.  She'll most likely never wear them again.  Three I'm sure would not even fit her as they are from last year...  Thinking of selling them on Ebay, but thought maybe someone here with a little girl (wearing under a size 6) might want them ... so, if anyone is interested in seeing them, email me and I'll send pictures.
Actually, they've all been in here at some point. 
Her Halloween costume from two years ago~the real renaissance dress, that cost me $90.  Her two recital costumes from last year~the crocodile, and the Hawaiian 'pearly shells' costume.  Then the two from this year~the cotton candy one, and the curious oysters costume.  Those all cost around $50.  But I'm not asking for what I paid, just to recoup some of it.... I'm fair :)
In other news....
Since I'm now covered by real insurance, I went to see my old family doctor.  Being on Medicaid for the last four years, I have had nothing in the way of tests that should've been done, other than for my thyroid.  No CBC, lipid panel, mammogram, etc....  See, the state doesn't like to go looking for problems ... and not so interested in preventative care, other than for babies.
I've had paps, and manual breast exams, but not in the last two years.  Yeah, my lazy ass fault, too. 
So, while I'm getting my pap and breast exam done, the nurse practitioner feels what she refers to as a cystic mass in my right breast.  It moves, so she's not too worried about cancer, but she did order me for a baseline mammogram, which will happen on July 14th. 
My Mom has cystic breasts, so I'm sure it's nothing to worry about... and I'm not... until something different is confirmed.
I also have to go see a doc about the other end.  My back end, which I believe are hemorrhoids (yeah, too much info, I know), but to be thorough, I'm going to get them checked out this Friday.  How much fun will that be?!
Tomorrow, when I return to work, we head to the zoo with the 4-year-olds.  What a nice way to welcome me back.  The weather hasn't been too humid, or hot (thank God!) and I'm hoping that it stays cool, at least through tomorrow.  Kitty still doesn't like it hot ;)
I'm still sorry I didn't make the trip with the rest of my JLand crew :(  I knew they'd all have a great time together... and I really wanted to be a part of the action.  It will happen, though.  I'll meet my friends here in JLand someday....
Ya'll have a great week....


onecrazymomto5 said...

I know-I missed the J-Land Palooza too and I am only about 6 hours away.  I worked all week, then all weekend and then back at it at 3 AM this morning.  I am glad to see that they all had a blast!

My girls are too big for the costumes.  Sorry!  I wish I could help you with them and until a couple months ago I could have.  Katie is 7 and finally hit a growth spurt.  All her 4's, 5's and 6's she had been wearing no longer fit in the belly!  She's got quite the little belly going on now LOL!!


redbaranjj said...

The zoo with a bunch of four year olds....yikes!!  I hope that went really well.  I am sure it did, four year olds I think is the cutest age. :)  

You are like me, don't worry until you have something to worry about.  Keep me posted, and I will say a few prayers for ya!  ;)  

Good luck on Friday too!!  


quartrlyfecrysis said...


quartrlyfecrysis said...

damn woman. i'd be more worried about getting the mammogram than the results!  squash my boob...uh-uh!  it'll hurt like hell when i have to get one, tiny boobs don't smoosh well ;)~
know what i found out from my doc?!  I haven't had a pap since 2000!  they've all been pelvic exams, WTF?!  at least everything was okay, but still...i wasn't aware there was a difference, I thought they were doing the paps.  fuckers.  that's what you get without insurance, half ass.

I can't even tell you how much crap I accumulate..i give away so much stuff, and i still can't see the floor of my closet or the attic!  where does it all come from?!

Do they do the same kind of recitals from year to year with the dance classes?  maybe you could sell them to a parent or to the dance school if they do...otherwise you could probably make some money on ebay, especially around Halloween.