Thursday, June 1, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

Here I am again...
I'm watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee Championship.  I've always loved spelling, words, etymology and all that jazz...
But I have a question. 
How is it that there are two Canadians in the NATIONAL spelling bee?  Its not the INTERNATIONAL spelling bee, so how can they qualify and other students from other countries can't compete? 
I also have an observation.
Most students are from Asian or Indian descent.  I'm not shocked.  Thinking I'm gonna have to find out how these kid's parents did it to prepare Grace.  I get word origins and all, but I've never made it to the level these kids are... the 6 finalists are all 8th graders!  8th grade, people....
Grace's rehearsal went well.  It was very long and we left before the finale, but we got there at 5:30 and we left at 9, so I thought long enough and the girl was hungry.  Sunday will be a long day...
I took pictures of some other costumes... they are so cool.  But my batteries died, so the pics will have to wait for the batteries...
I got her pictures from the studio.  I am happy with the group shot, and one of her individual shot... but the other one.  No.  Not gonna cut it.  Tomorrow, I go back to bitch.
They'd better fix it or replace it.  I'm not gonna tell you what is wrong with it unless I can't get it scanned in here, but let's just say they've photo-shopped one body part on that is huge compared with the rest of her....  and not nearly normal appearing.
So, you know what that means, don'tcha?
I'll be back with another entry soon!
(Oh, they just said the spelling bee is open to English speaking countries around the world... so it should be called an International one)


otto9613944 said...

i am with you baby, i really like all that jazz too. all that jazz is cool. i am totally for all that jazz. i also now like saying all that jazz. keep up all that jazz.

ha ha, i rule. thought i would tell you incase you forgot. i just made in case one word and all that jazz. i am cooler than i thought.

love ya, dave.

quartrlyfecrysis said...

haha...I watched the spelling bee too!  There was a girl I remember from GB on there that said 'zed' instead of 'z', but all together 13 finalists came from Canada I saw at one point...Canada being the most represented country in the bee.

I took etymology in HS, I love words and word origins...I kept up pretty well, but I missed a lot of words.  Some of those kids are simply genius, to be able to spell any word just by knowing it's origin is beyond impressive to me!  This summer the TV is going off and Pey is reading the dictionary and her children's between playing of course ;)  I think a desire to read has a lot to do with a love of words.

I think it's crazy that things like her recital..or rehearsal are so long into the evening...folks should know that by that time the kids are exhausted.  Glad it went well, can't wait to see pictures :) ..and give em hell over the messed up picture, with what we pay for professional pictures they damn well better look professional!

Have a good one Kitty!

redbaranjj said...

I missed the spelling bee!!  I really wanted to watch that too!  UGH!

I can't wait to see the pictures of Grace!!  I hope today went very well!