Sunday, June 4, 2006

One little, two little, three little...

Today's recital went well :)  Grace had so much fun (isn't that the real point?) and we actually made it until the Grand Finale! 
Picture from Hometown
The Program
After the finale, all the kids got medallions with dance shoes and a hat on the front, and Alice in Wonderland 2006 engraved on the back from the school...  Very nice :)
Picture from Hometown
Grace~ 'Cotton Candy' costume
I loved all the other mothers in our group and all the girls got awesome gift bags for all their hard work.  We contributed cotton candy, of course!
Picture from Hometown
Grace~Cotton Candy  
I'm beat, so this is gonna be short... Hopefully I'll get back to write about the day soon. 
But, in the meantime, here are some pictures... including the ones we got professionally done. 
The one I don't like is here, too, but doesn't look that bad to me now... the one up there, before this, where she's laying down, cotton candy on the floor next to her... I think her head looks huge!  Can we say photoshop?!
Picture from Hometown
The Curious Oysters and Alice
The next ones are just a few of the other costumes before Grace's cotton candy dance.  I never got a chance to go back for pictures of any of the ones from Alice... but there were so many more.  All beautiful and unique!
Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown
To 'Ribbons in the Sky' by Stevie Wonder
Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown
To 'Isn't she lovely' also SW
Picture from Hometown
At the end, their Dads came out and danced with them~Awww!
They had tuxedos on at the recital :)
Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown
You'd think because its blurry, that they were really fast, but no.  Rather slow, in fact... I just liked their costumes ;)
Picture from Hometown
These kids kicked it!
Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown
This one had all 4 of the 10-year dancers in it.  They each had a solo part and did okay...
Picture from Hometown
As you can see, I had some performers in front of me, too.. LOL
This group was very good though
Picture from Hometown
These girls had it goin on :)
Picture from Hometown
Hey, hey... we're the monkeys.  Literally...
The Mom on the end there had to go on stage because her kid wouldn't let her go... Don't know how she did today.  The DVD will tell ;)
Have a good evening...


quartrlyfecrysis said...

the pictures are great!!!  I absolutely LOVE the first one of Grace lying on the floor, that's just precious...I like the second one too, but you're right, it does look a tad touched up..but only noticable if you really look for it.  I love all the costumes :)  We're talking about Pey taking dance classes, it's that or cheering and I'm so anti-being a cheermom ;) can't you just see me, rah-rah...meh ;)~

Give Grace a big round of applause for me!  

redbaranjj said...

Aww!!!  Grace is just adorable!!  But your right...that second picture doesn't look right at all.  And I am glad to hear Grace had so much fun!!  

The pictures were wonderful!!  Thanks for sharing!!


randlprysock said...

I am so way behind on alerts... had to erase and erase and erase some more but I finally made it over here!!  Awesome pictures!!  Love the costumes!!  Go Grace!!!  Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!!  She looks radiant in all of her pictures!!  I would have loved to have seen the performance!!  You must be so proud!  Hugs,

nighterror5 said...

OMG.. it has been a year already since her pics from last year.. WOWOWOW that went sooo fast, I still remember last year's recital and pics.. She looks awesome! Alyssa wants to join dance again this year.. 3 classes though.. I think 2 is ok.. 3 is way too much money for me to afford atm. Why is it so expensive and the costumes alone are outrageous!! Tell Gracie she looked GREAT and glad she had a good time =)


dying4happiness said...

My gosh she's beautiful!  Love the blue costume soooo much!

I sent you a couple of Julie's............

Miss u!


sarajanesmiles said...

I loved looking at all of these pics Cat, the girls, all of them, are adoreable aren't they!!  Your Grace has the prettiest face in those top pics though :o)
Sara   x

emeraldcalf said...

Aww, how cute!!
Grace is adorable..she is just growing up.

My daughter was in dance for two years and I loved her recitals.


cneinhorn said...

Grace is beautiful and I love the photos Cat...thank you so much for sending me your link, I'm so sorry I had lost touch.  How nice to be back.  I also love that photo of the dancing girls that is so colorful and slightly out of focus...magical shot that is!  

hestiahomeschool said...

Oh, this were just priceless!!

danielled1 said...

What great pictures!!!!!