Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It's me... about nothing... again...

Hi guys!
Well, looks like I might get two entries in for May, after all... LOL
Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day holiday!  Mine was good.  Started off with my brother's birthday on Saturday.  Dad smoked a whole deer tenderloin on the spit that was so yummy :)  The last piece we had, too. 
My uncle from PA goes to IL every year to hunt, but he and my aunt don't eat the meat.  And since I find it a total sin to kill animals for sport, we take the meat so the deer didn't die in vain.  (I know, I'm a weirdo)
Sunday brought the Indy 500 home for another year.  Of course, the race is blacked out here so we listen to it on the radio... at my uncle's... while getting totally stuffed on food and wasted on whatever alcoholic beverage one's heart desires  :) 
I don't partake normally, but I did have a wine cooler and a glass (or 3) of cheap wine.  So cheap, in fact, it brought back high school memories.... (Finally remembered why I struggled with Geometry so much then ;)
Monday, I chilled.  Mostly I tried not to work myself up into an anxiety attack over Grace starting daycare...
Yes, people, I had to put my daughter in daycare part time, starting this morning.  She is going Tu & Wed full days and 1/2 day on Thursday.  She is at the same place she goes to school.  Which is good because everyone there knows her and how she is....
Dad just wasn't doing it for her at home.  He sits in his chair and expects her to just sit on the living room floor... and do everything he tells her.  She's almost 5... that's not working anymore.
Anyway, today was her first day and I was freaking out.  I asked Mom to go with us cuz I'm such a pansy.  I could feel my heart starting to pound as I watched the minutes tick away.  I finally said let's just go because in a few minutes, I won't be able to breathe very well...
I always work myself up in my head~expecting her to throw a fit, not want to stay, scream bloody murder... or whatever tactic she normally uses at home to get her way.  None of that happened.  :)
Mom and I found her room, put her backpack in her cubby, lunchbox in the fridge, kissed her and left.  She didn't even say good-bye.  Dad picked her up tonight and the teacher told him Gracie had a great day.  She's not sleeping at naptime, but she stayed on her cot.  She ate all her lunch (she just loved the idea of taking a lunchbox and picks what she's gonna eat, even helps make it)
Though, when I got home from work, she told me how much putting her in daycare stunk!  LMAO! 
That lasted until I asked what she wanted to take for lunch tomorrow ;)  For anyone who wants to know~she chose tuna and crackers, colby-jack string cheese, strawberry-banana yogurt, Animal Planet fruit snacks, and a 1/2 a chocolate chip Kudos bar.  (School provides milk)
We were closed yesterday at work.  Yea.  Since I'm still on my old schedule for this week, I didn't go in today until 2.  As of June 5th, I'll be there 9-6 Monday through Thursday.  Back to having my one week day off :)  I cannot possibly work like a normal person anymore.  I got way too used to 'no crowd' shopping. 
Tomorrow, we have Grace's dress rehearsal.  Yes, pictures... lots of pictures (including the ones professionally done, I hope!)  Oh.. that reminds me... I need to get the pictures off the camera tonight. 
Weather wise, it has been horrible here already!  High 80's, horrendous humidity for the last week or so...  I keep seeing that the humidity is supposed to leave soon.  I'll believe it when I feel it. 
But, what I wanna know is~ if it's like this here in May (it's still spring, remember), what is July through September gonna hold?
Never mind.  I take that back.
So, that's the latest update.  Our kid count at work is dropping a little during the summer because some of our Moms are teachers :)  Maybe I won't be too tired to keep up regular entries.  Just don't hold me to that yet....
Take care, Loveys!


emeraldcalf said...

M-Th, 9-6 job?? You go girl!! I got to hand it to ya though...I don't think I could do what you do everyday. Well, maybe...........:) I do act like a kid most of the time.

Gracie did an awesome job picking her lunch. Great, healthy choices.

::high five:::

Yeah, umm, I don't miss the Indy humidity. So, that's why  I live in TN. LMAO I am with you, it can only get hotter from here. And are you having the freaky daily storms from this humidity?


redbaranjj said...

Aww!!  I am so happy to hear that Grace likes day care!!  It will be so good for her!!  You know they are going to be fine when they don't say good-bye.  :(  

Memorial day sounded like a great way to spend the day!!  ;)  

And this weather...good God...the humidity, hate it, hate it, hate it!!  And where was spring???  Instant summer once again this year...  :::sigh:::

Have a great rest of the week.


quartrlyfecrysis said...

Yay!  I love those dance class pictures :)  It sounds like daycare is going to go well.  I wish I'd had Pey in daycare closer to her starting school, I think it would have made it an easier transition...especially being an only child.  I like her lunch picks...strawberry/banana is my favorite yogurt ;)

I agree 100% with you on the hunting, only if you intend to eat it.  ...and I do like eating it :)~ ..then again, I don't think I could actually kill one, but I sure can cook it up and eat it.

Take it easy Kitty, June will be here soon...I expect 3 entries ;)~

perkysgrl said...

Wow, sounds like Grace is taking day care pretty good... good for you!  I'm sure it helps you to know it too ;)

Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend also... even with the cheap-wine memories... lol.


cste609371 said...

I HAVE HAD A DAYCARE 20 YEARS NOW, GRASE WILL DO FINE.tell us more... good day, Cheryl  from Mass.