Tuesday, May 16, 2006

'Bout time....

Wow!  Can you believe it's already the 16th of May??  Half the month is gone already and this is my first entry... Where does the time go?
Mother's Day was good.  Grace got me some flowers in a vase with a stuffed bear on it that says ' #1 Mom'... but she took the bear.  Hmph ;)
She got me some pre-mixed tuna salad and a pecan roll, too.  May not be much to some here, but to me~its all my favs and she knows it already. 
My brother took my Mom and I (and Grace) to brunch at Waffle & Steak.  We love that rinky dink place :)  Closest thing to a truck stop 'round here...  I loves me some truck stop food... LOL
Been a sad week for my tv programs.  The final episode (ever!) of The West Wing aired Sunday night, as well as the final episode of Malcolm in the Middle (comic relief~I loved their mom, Lois!)
Of course Grey's Anatomy was awesome for its two night finale!  Between that and Lost... I can hardly wait for re-run season to begin :)
Now, AI is on.  I must say Taylor and Kat did magnificent with their judges choice songs.  I missed Elliott, so I can't comment on him.  Simon picked the perfect song for Kat, too.  Over the Rainbow is one of my most favorite songs ever.  I'm thinking I heard a little Eva Cassidy influence in her performance, too... Anyone else think so?
And Randy's choice... well, I knew Taylor would hit 'You are so beautiful' outta the ball park. That he did.  Even Simon liked it!
In other Kitty news, work is going fine.  I am resisting the urge to play hooky this week big time.  Was gonna stay home today, but today was a half day, so I made me go :)   If I'm gonna waste a sick day, its going to be for a full day.
Found out that the current Lead Teacher in my room is on her last year or two with us.  She and her husband are looking to buy property and start a family.  When that happens, she said she is not working anymore.  So, opportunity will be knocking soon. 
Lead teachers make way more than Assistants (obviously).  Maybe even enough to get me to stay there permanently :)  My hours would probably change to 6:30-2:30 (with no lunch hour), which I'm not at all thrilled about, but only if I want them to. 
Those hours would be more suited with Grace once she's in school.  Only I do not like getting up that early.  Kitty's a late night type of gal...
So, we'll see.
Lets see... took Grace to the dentist last Friday.  She had a cavity and the dentist could tell I was about to cry!  I have tried very hard to keep her teeth clean... but on her paperwork was written "poor oral hygiene".  I damn near lost composure. 
The dentist was like "I can tell you are totally shocked!"  Well, no shit, Sherlock!  I have brushed Grace's teeth twice a day and flossed before bed.  I even bought one of those plaque scraper thingys and used it.  Guess we weren't brushing her long enough!  So, now, we sing a song or two (for 2 minutes) and brush until we're done.  And she goes to get her cavity filled next Friday :(  I am not looking forward to it because this place doesn't use the lasers/ultrasound/air abrasion.  Nope.  They're old school and she's gonna get drilled....
I may cry.
Good thing I won't be in there with her.  This place doesn't allow parents in while the dentist is working.  In this case, I'll gladly not watch or listen.  I don't like it when they work on me... I know I'd deck somebody doing it to my kid.  So, I'll be patiently waiting in the lobby.
Well, other than this... not much else going on.  I will say to my friends heading to the East coast next month that it looks like I'm not gonna join you.  Some of you knew that already.  But unless some monetary miracle happens in the next two weeks, I'm broke as the proverbial camel's back.
I'm sorry I can't join you all!  I really wanted to meet everyone :)  But, my plan is make some journeys with my tax check next year.   I wanna go West to see Julie and Stacy first.  Then I wanna go East for Nae, Colleen, and Bernie.  From there, I'd like to head South to my most favorite dock master in my most favorite city~Savannah!  Sam suggested I drag Jimmy (aka Stupid) southward to escape the city life :)
So, that's my plan.  Its early enough to expect issues with it.  But, I will take a vacation next year... somewhere... even if it kills me ;)
Hope you all have been well!  If not, here's some baby-love for ya....
Picture from Hometown
PS~ AOL makes my pictures blurry!  Grrrrrrrrrr


pixiedustnme said...

how cute is she!!  glad things are at least half way normal in your neck of the woods :-)   -Kelly   www.pixiedustnme.blogspot.com

gaboatman said...

That's a great picture of Grace!  I'm sorry you won't be meeting up with your AOL buddies like you wanted to.  I understand the need to stay within your budget, though.  Let's hope next year's plans are met.  Mother's Day at your house sounds like it was a nice affair.  I laughed when Grace took the stuffed Bear, LOL!  Good luck on getting that Lead Teacher position, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

quartrlyfecrysis said...

OMG.  i'd knock out a dentist too if i had to watch them drill my kid!  they'd have to give me the happy gas.

stinks that you can't get out of town, but totally understandable.  one day your trip will come ;)

....yeah, i love the pecan rolls, and truck stop food...fill them arteries up! and top it off with some gravy!

~Bernie ...loves that photo of Grace!

dying4happiness said...

Oh she's getting so big!

I wouldn't sweat the cavity...Julie has two and when Alex had one all they did was sepnd like 5 seconds in his mouth and the cavity was gone, they don't really need to drill the little ones teeth...

Ciara had one in a baby tooth, they wanted me to get it filled because they said it owuld start hurting if I didn't...two days later it fell out, good thing I didn't put her through a filling!  Dumb Dentists!

I want to play hooky too, but well, we know I can't...EVER!

Kat is such a doll, I don't understand why people hater her so much...women can be such jealous bitches, can't they?


redbaranjj said...

I am glad you had such a nice Mother's Day!!!  That's so cute that Grace took the bear!  ;)  

Grey's Anatomy...I bawled my eyes out!!  I knew something was going to happen, it was all ending too happy...and that one got me bad!!  Izzy just broke my heart....

The dentist...I dread it when I have to go, and even worse when it's Josh.  He got silver caps when he was about Grace's age, and it was awful to watch.  One has fallen off, and they wanna replace it again...why???  He is already losing his teeth, heck if I will pay another 800 bucks for that!!  

I hope everything works out with work!  I am a night owl too, and boy, 6:30...Yikes!!  That's EARLY!!  But I am sure you adjust just fine!  ;)

I am so sorry to hear you won't be making the trip!!  Next year, it's gotta work!!  I would love to meet you too some day....hopefully next year we can all get together.

Have a great rest of the week!


djzgirl71 said...

I wish you could come too! Hopefully you can come out here next summer with Grace!

I ADORE THAT PIC OF HER...blurry or not!


sarajanesmiles said...

Beautiful photo of Grace, she's a stunner Cat, what a smile :o)
Played with the photo in PSP for you to sharpen it up a little, hope you don't mind, will send in email.
Sara   x

delela1 said...

This time of year has me wanting to play hooky too.  Soooo baaaaad!  Vacation in two weeks...and counting.  Pictures blury coz of AOL...and all this time I was blaming my eyesight!


otto9613944 said...

i like it when you say grrrrrrrrrr it makes me scared......scared of kitty.....nice kitty.....

ha ha


cneinhorn said...

awww what a cutie!  she is precious!