Thursday, July 13, 2006

You can't handle the truth...

Green.  The color of Islam.
If you believe what the media here tells us, then I have the place for you...
Go read River's blog.  Her 'Atrocities' entry.
It is the truth that we do not want to believe.  She isn't the only one who writes and the rest read the same way.  I love her writing.  I have come to admire her courage and her love of country. 
I feel the same about my own country... just not liking the choices being made... and those that have been made.
We are being lied to.
And yet we still believe we are right...
Hate to see the consequences of our actions in years to come.
PS~Do not take this as not supporting our troops.  I do!  I know most sign up for money to go to college, or the chance at faster citizenship, or just because they believe it is the right thing to do.  Most are only following orders... doing their jobs.  I get that.
I do not, however, support this administration and the poor choices they have made.  Not to mention the lies that have fueled this fire. 


naughtynoregon said...

I do not support it either but damn sure support our boys over there!


quartrlyfecrysis said...

heading over there....
there is way too much BS in the politics of this.  of course we support our troops over there..and everywhere.

..and here we are years later finally taking a tad bit of notice to Iran and N. Korea..the ones who HAVE nuclear weapons.  I support what our soldiers do, it still makes me sad that they have to go do this.  BJ leaves in 3 weeks :(  You can't help but wish they were all home and warm in thier own beds with those they love.


redbaranjj said...

Ya know...the longer that man is in there...the worse things get, and the scarier things are getting.  That man is screwing us over and this country....  I fully support the men and women who are fighting over there...but the lies and that is really scary to think what the future will be for all of us.  


onecrazymomto5 said...

The whole thing is a big mess.  Things were definitely handled wrong up there in Washington.  I just wish that all our men and women could come home today to their families.  I know quite a few people over there in civilian postions and we just lost a guy from our town who was over there driving a truck for Haliburton, in the hopes of living long enough to enjoy the paycheck they offer.  So sad the money that they offered American truck drivers to go over there.  Let's just put it this way I could buy a house for cash with what they are paying when you finish your 15 month contract.  Not to mention pay off my debt with what they are paying as a monthly salary.  

I must agree that we need to do something with our politicians.  They are supposed to be for the people, yet, when was the last time they talked to you or me??

cneinhorn said...

america should have minded their own business and stayed out of there, how many more people will die because bottem line is America invaded a country who did us no harm.  There's no way around that.  No matter what the administration says, and that's sad, scary and makes me ashamed i'm sad to say.  And yes, you and I can support the troops 110% and I do, but sad that they were sent there in the first place, the madness has to stop.