Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sign of things to come... 2nd time around.

Good Lord~look at the size of the cobwebs in here!
Not much has been going on.  Nothing new, which isn't necessarily bad...
Going to the State Fair today.  It's the 150th Birthday :)  Just found out not all states still have State Fairs...  It seems it is unusual they keep going that long. 
I thought everybody had one.  But after thinking about it, I guess it would be impossible for some States to have one, due to the sizes and populations... duh.
So, here's something to keep you guys entertained  :)  Lemme know if it still doesn't play!

Have a great day!




emeraldcalf said...

Oh, the State Fair...One of the few things I truly miss about Indy.

I hope you guys have  a blast and eat a corn for me! ;)


quartrlyfecrysis said...

:(  i can't get the video to play.  but i love the still shot of gracie :)
Our state fair is coming at the end of september and I can't wait!!!!  Funnel cakes and kettel corn!!  I don't know what y'all do up there for the state fair, here they have rodeos, tractor races, concerts and animal farmer stuff.  Of course they have rides and an expo and games and all that.  I think you said last year they had fried snickers at the fair...i want to find some of those!
You gotta tell us all about it, get my mouth watering for some fair food.  LOL, since this year you won't be finding bernie in the beer tent!!
Love to the kitty :)

perkysgrl said...

The video won't play :(

But I'm sure what ever is on it, is cute as hell!!

Have fun at the state fair :)


onecrazymomto5 said...

I got it to play but of course I have no sound on my computer!!  She is getting so big!

I sure have missed seeing you around j-land.  GLad to hear that things are good for you though.  Have fun at the fair!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Oh my gosh!  DIVA!!!  She is so cute :)  She sure is growing up isn't she?!  She's got all the moves down.  Love it!  have to go watch it again!!

dying4happiness said...

Okay, WTF?   Something about a car and ears...LMAO!

OMG Wait til Julie sees this!

redbaranjj said...

Aww!!!  That was so cute!!  She's gonna be a star one day!!  :)

Our fair just ended here...and it was an exhausting time!!  But it was fun too.  :)  
Can't wait to hear about your's!!  


angelamhaye said...

Tooooooo Cute  LOL!!

naughtynoregon said...

SHE IS SO BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What have you been feeding her anyways, miracle grow? LOL

She is gorgeous!

cneinhorn said...


hestiahomeschool said...

Oh that is just too cute. I need to learn how to add these to my journal!