Saturday, September 25, 2004

Weekend Assignment #25

Weekend Assignment #25: Share a favorite story that features you and a sibling. For those of you that are an only child, you can substitute a cousin or a best friend.

Extra Credit: Need I say? Pictures, baby! Pictures from the past are good, but recent pictures of you and the siblings are just peachy, too.

Well, the story that my parents and the poor soul (cousin Cathy-my namesake) who was babysitting us like to relive over and over, everytime they see us is this one:

       My brother, Charles, and I (we're only 15 mos apart) were supposed to be napping.   My cousin heard hysterical laughter coming from our room, but we were being "good", so she didn't check on us.  Charlie was around 3 yrs, so he was quite capable of climbing out of his crib at that point.  My then teenage cousin dozed off on the couch.  She awoke to even more hysterical laughter about 15 minutes later, which she says prompted her to look in on us. 

         When she opened our bedroom door, what did she see?  It seems that my lovely brother had climbed out of his bed, gone to the fridge, and gathered all the food he could manage to carry and proceeded to make the world's biggest salad (raw eggs included) on top on my head!!  Which I guess I thought was pretty funny because I was the one who was laughing so hard she woke up.  (Dare him to try that now!! lol).  Anyway, we didnt get any pics of that, I dont think my cousin was in a 'happy, gotta get a picture of that kind' of mood.  She called her sisters (previous babysitters) for help, while she was crying to them..they were laughing..but they did come and help her clean it all up.

Now, my favorite story (that I can actually remember happening) is how I handled my older brother for doing older brother things to me, I was 4 or 5 yrs old:

Charlie liked to play football with my dolls and animals, dolls vs animals, and I didn't like to see my stuff abused like that (mostly because my brother had my toys).   So, I developed a plan.  I gathered my plastic bodied dolls, climbed onto the top of the refridgerator and proceeded to take their arms, legs and heads off of their bodies.  Whenever my brother started to go down the hallway, I would pelt him a body part.  He went screaming, terrified down the hall, yelling for my mom to help.  He got really freaked out at dolls missing parts, and never bothered them again. 

Funny, though, that he started drawing (he is really good, still) bloody, gruesome war pictures after that~~wonder if I helped him with that?

There are many more, but those are my favorites.  I miss ya, big brother!

Extra credit:  In the first, hes 22 mos, I'm 8.  The second was almost 2 years ago, on one of my brothers trips home.  Sad to say, he has to move back due to lack of employment (another entry, another day).  I say sad because he does not want to, but has to.  It will always be great to be around him.  He will now have the chance to know his niece like he wanted to when she was born, even though he has to start over.  He's smart, has a Mechanical Engineering degree, but has been working with a partner for the last six years, installing heating meter readers on flats where the heat is paid, blah, blah.   Bottom line, he's coming back home.

Thanks, John, for the stroll........



redbaranjj said...

LOL!!  flying body parts!!!  LOL!!!

vernae69 said...

My brother and I used to play like that, but it usually ended up bloody.  We shared a room until I was 10, and would throw  rolled up socks back and forth, and whatever bodypart was hit, we couldn't use.  He got mad cuz I was winning, and threw a He-Man at me, so I retaliated by throwing a baby doll, which, broke his nose :), never threw anything at me again I'll tell ya!

cneinhorn said...

cute!  I always wished I had a brother to torture or to torture me, LOL


angeleyez1970 said...

Lol! Love the fridge story :) I have one brother, i can soooo relate! Good entry!