Thursday, September 16, 2004

Charity: it's not just for natural disasters and attacks.

Ivan has arrived.  Looks like Florida got lucky this time, Lousiana and Alabama got the brunt.  My brother, Charles, lives in Georgia, but north of Atlanta so all he gets is rain and a little flooding.  But those residents of the states hit hardest, whether from winds or floods, are facing choices of repairing and rebuilding now, or waiting until hurricane season is over. 

I must admit when I saw a woman from Fla. on the news complaining she was tired of fixing her house every year, I did think-- if you don't want to deal with hurricanes, don't live by the coast.  When Frances hit, I saw  damage on top of Charley's damage.  Charley blew it all down and Frances washed it away.  It is bad. 

With Jeanne now at hurricane status (1), I feel bad for those in the way.  I imagine other countries along the hurricane paths are in worse shape, as they usually get hit when the storm is stronger. 

There are people who help in times of crisis.  Some give when they can.  Some help all the time.  And some people never do.  I am one who helps when they can.

I have always given blood, since I was 18, usually once a month.  I always throw money in the bellringer's pot at Christmas and serve dinner at a shelter for Thanksgiving.  I give to the food shelters, Gleaner's Food Bank in Indiana is the best.  I give clothes, toys, and books to the Red Cross and Goodwill.  I drive the elderly to their appointments, or to the store.  It makes me appreciate what I do have.  I think part of me does believe what goes around, comes around......... or hoping anyway.

I am by no means well-off, in fact, I could easily be one of the people going to the shelter.  If it weren't for my family, especially my parents, I know I'd be living at one.  Maybe that is why I still do it. 

As a teenager, I would volunteer at nursing homes.  I also, after cadet teaching a semester, started helping out at our local disabled children's school.   The only two things I can't bring myself to do is volunteer at Riley, our children's hospital.  I can not take sick babies and children, my heart wants to try to save them all. The same goes for animal shelters.  If there is one thing I can't stand it is not "fixing" your animals or chaining them if you choose not to (keeping them inside for cats not fixed).  I am not addressing responsible pet owners.   It is just not right.  There are low cost clinics, some even is just being lazy. 

I hope the links worked, my first time (thanks, John, for keeping that posted).  If you have time, spend some volunteering somewhere, even an hour rocking a baby, reading a story at the library, or to the elderly.  Mow a lawn, go to the store, give a hand,  contact your local senior citizen center and offer to drive people to vote, babysit relative's kids overnight,  take $5 worth of food to a food bank, give a pint of blood or plasma--especially you rare types,  do anything that does not involve getting something in return.  Just Give.

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fisherkristina said...

Thanks for this entry.  It is a much needed and inspiring one.  Everybody can give something. -Krissy