Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday Morning Question

(This entry contains some explicitness)


Monday Morning Question:

What protest march might somebody spot you at?

Wow, Krissy is making me get serious on this one.  I'm having a hard time narrowing it to one, so I'm going to list two.

The first would be across the street from Krissy (sorry, honey and I respect everyone's choice on this) at a pro choice rally.  Since everyone has an opinion on this, i'm leaving it at that.

The second would be an impeachment rally for Bush for lying to the country and getting us involved a war of choice. 

Come on, they did it to Clinton for lying about sex, for Pete's sake.  At least when Clinton lied, only sperm died.  Where's the democrats version of Kenneth Starr?


And I'd like to thank everyone who commented on my previous entry..I got some great tips from you experts in J-Land.  

I'm making my Oscar speech now:  Thanks Julie, Vernae, Danielle, and Angel for all the help...I'd be lost here without you.  And thanks to my girl, Stacy, for being my sounding board.  Finally, thanks to MissKitty, and Sieblonde for stopping by and saying hi.   I'll post MissKitty's link when I get it.   Til next time...

PS...Notice the font?!?!!  woooo-hooooo, its on, now!  ;)


redbaranjj said...

YAY!!!  I am glad that you got so much help and that I could have been just a small part of that...LOL.
Great entry!!  nuff said.  
:o)  Julie

angeleyez1970 said...

Love the font! I'm always happy to help a friend ;-)
If you need anything else just send me an email!

Btw~ I can definatly see myself at a pro~choice rally!

misskitty0123456 said...

Your so very welcome and thank you for the nice e mail!!


danielled1 said...

Any time :)