Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Crap, crap, and more crap....

Foot hurts..... it's swollen..... and black and blue......  

It feels so much better without shoes on, too  :)  Not that I need an excuse not to wear shoes, mind you....  Hmmmm, wonder if I could sprain a boob?  I hate bras just as much.  

So, I could only handle a 1/2 day at work yesterday.... I knew that before I even clocked in  :)  

Called my doc because the bruising is over fours toes-all except for the piggy that went to the market, that is.... and the entire top of my foot is swollen, NOW she wants me to come in...... NOW she thinks it may be more than a broken baby toe....   

I bit my tongue to the nice nurse who delivered the message  :)  Saving it for the doc......  

I could've had all this taken care of over last weekend.  If I have to get a cast, it could've have been on by now so I could still go to work the 2 days I'm supposed to.... sheesh.  Guess I could pick up a couple more shifts next week or later this week..... Ugh!  

I so hate going to doctor's office, let alone going there and then having to go to another place for the x-ray..... hope I don't have to go to an ER to get it done, either....  

Ok, enough whining...... I'll heal, work will survive, and we'll all go on...  

Here's an email I received and thought I'd share~seems there are always bigger fish to fry:    

Dear Cathy,

There is a contentious foreign policy debate going on in the Senate this week. It concerns the Bush administration's insistence on advancing the careers of John Bolton and others who have failed to make our nation as safe and secure as it should be.

To me, it makes little sense to stand up for those who have not made our nation safer and more secure. But what should be beyond debate is the need for America to fully honor its commitment to those who do make America safer and more secure every day -- the men and women of our military.

They put it all on the line for us. So, why do some in Congress -- including those who are most vocal with their "support our troops" rhetoric -- want to hold back on helping our soldiers and their families?

Those who have stood for us should know that we stand with them, today and always. Share the story of a family you know that has endured hardship in service to our nation.


This week, as the Senate debates military spending, I will be pressing to advance key elements of our Military Families Bill of Rights. When I do, I want to enter into the Senate record stories from families that know firsthand the hardships that our troops and veterans so willingly take on to keep America strong.

I hope you will take just a few minutes right now to share a story from your family or your community. It's one way you can personally help them get the support they so clearly deserve.


We can begin by increasing the financial support military families receive. We can help them meet the increased expenses every military family faces when a loved one is deployed. We can extend military health insurance eligibility to all members of the National Guard and Reserve, whether mobilized or not. As many as one in five of them don't have health insurance right now.

Whether it's families here at home who can no longer pay their bills with their modest military salaries ... or children left without health insurance because a reservist parent lost his or her coverage ... or health care expenses going through the roof for an injury received in the line of duty ... or simply being unable to afford a hotel room to be by the side of an injured loved one recovering from battlefield injuries in a V.A. hospital...

Any way you look at it, too many military families face challenges that we ought not to let them face alone.

Our Military Families Bill of Rights will stand by our brave men and women in uniform. And it will lend support to their families. Here's another example. Our Bill of Rights will extend from 180 days to a full year the amount of time a family that has lost a loved one in combat can keep living in military housing. Isn't that the least we can do?

Let's give voice to our values. Let our troops and veterans know just how much you appreciate their unbelievable sacrifices. Share your personal story right now. I know it will help.

Thank you,

John Kerry



If you have a story to help support this effort, then please share it.  The home fires need to be kept well-lit. 

It's appalling to me that those who enlist (who, by the way, are normally from the lowest part of the economic ladder) do not receive the highest and best care possible. 

By all rights, service personnel should be allowed the same medical coverage as all the branches of government.  Because they risk their lives for decisions the made by the Executive and Legislative offices.

Enough from me for now......



vernae69 said...

Okay, you lost me with all the political mumbo jumbo, I like to revert back to my Canadian roots, to avoid that topic.

On the other foot, haha, you could have broken the toe down in the foot, at the base...hopefully you don't get a bitchy person taking your x-rays, I almost kicked the chic who took mine, because she insisted on touching my toe!  Like, hello???  It fucking hurts bitch!

cutebutpsycho028 said...

Sprain a boob...lmao...and how exactly would you go about doing THAT, I wonder...lol.
I agree 100% about the coverage and treatment our service men and women should get. I don't have any personal stories, but if I did, I'd certainly share them.

redbaranjj said...

I watched a show...actually many..about how poorly our service men and woman are treated with health care...benifits...and a ton of other things...it's amazing how these people have fought for us...but yet the government does not take care of them...

I sure hope your foot feels better soon!!!  Keep us posted and good luck at the docs!!


pixiedustnme said...

I'll second that whole painful foot X-ray story (not to scare you - lol) but MAN - how do they expect you to be a contortionist when you are already in pain?!!

thelovetrain said...

Sprain both boobs, and your vagina... I'm celibate, but that hasn't impeded on my love of voyeurism.

... Hope it's nothing too serious, and that you recover soon.

~Get-well smooches, Brian  @---->---




quartrlyfecrysis said...

OW.  poor foot...kissy kissy :)
if you need a boob sprain, wrestle with a toddler ;)~  a swift kick to the boob usually does it!
It sets me off that these folks go to war for us and we can't provide them and their families with adequate health care and financial stability.  it's bullisht.  We don't even hear about the injured unless someone dies.  Boys coming home without the limbs they left with, lives permanently traumatized, families left with memories and a little check.  It's bullisht, pure bullisht.
k, gonna go rant in a corner now....damn crack up the corner of the wall.  ugh.  piss me off ;)~