Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Monday on Tuesday...

Monday was gorgeous outside!  74F with a breeze to boot :)  The toddlers and teachers were very happy campers.....  because that means buggy rides outside around the neighborhood :)  And, playing outside on the playground....  

Now, had I been thinking and my camera's memory cooperating, I would've posted some shots of the kids actually playing... but I got head shots and stills...  oh well~hot weather is just beginning :)  

We had 14 kids and all was the same.  Not nearly as whiny and crying as last Wednesday... but they had their moments.  It gets worse in the afternoon since most come in before 8am.  By 4:30/5, trust me-they're ready to leave us.... well, some are ;)   

Here's some of our kids... I'll have to get the absent ones and the other part timers tomorrow....  

 Picture from Hometown   Picture from Hometown          Picture from Hometown  

These two are in my top 5 of favorites.... they are both 2 yrs old now, so one is moving to 2's next week (Doll Baby) and K~K will stay with us until school is out because she won't be with us in the summertime (her Mom is a Special Ed. teacher and is off work then).  

 'Ziggy' and  'Squishy'  are so lovable....  Ziggy is so little and sweet, she weighs all of 10 pounds and will defend herself against any of bullies.   Squishy... well. just look at her... she is squishy!  She was giving me kisses when I snapped this one :)  She's also the biter of the room.....

Picture from Hometown Picture from Hometown    

 'Captain', a name his mother calls him.... aye!... is an only child.  Can we say spoiled?  He has a real liking for me, too, always wanting to sit on my lap and pushing any other kid who is there.....    'Intelli-boy' or boy-wonder is the sharpest tool in the box!  He's almost 2 and man will I hate to see him go :(   He keeps us all entertained with his singing and is the sweetest boy..... Picture from Hometown  Picture from Hometown  

What 'Ms Attitude' lacks in size she makes up with... what else?... attitude!  If she gets mad, she holds a grudge.... and don't worry, he Dad has verified her attitude at home as being the same.  Defiant! I swear she's a 1-yr-old with a 40-yr-old mind-- you should see how she gestures when she talks... so funny!   'Mr. Serious' aka Mr. Allergy is only with us 2 days a week.  He's quiet and kind of shy, but is always good natured and never gets into spats with other toddlers.....  He's very smart and when he gets to know you, he'll talk your ear off :)

 Picture from Hometown  Picture from Hometown  

'Blue Eyes' is fairly new with us, a month maybe.  Her childhood medical history is so similar to my own, having tubes in her ears twice now, and constant ear infections.   

She's been on Tylenol and Triaminic night time cough for almost a week straight.  (Please don't get me started on why she is even here... her Mom is a teacher who had Spring Break last week and still brought her sick kid {102 temp} to daycare).  

She is the cutest thing though....  and a great disposition as long as you're not trying to wipe her nose or face... then she cries, loudly.  She still has her tonsils... bet they're out before she's 2 with all the trouble she's been having.  Poor baby :(              

          Picture from Hometown   

Ok... that's some of my kids.  I love this age though~ it's my favorite :)  

More kids later this week (a warning to Dave & Brian.... lol)  

More from me, maybe later.....  



cutebutpsycho028 said...

What cute kids!

djzgirl71 said...

They are all cute but the Doll Baby is too much!  OMG how sweet is she?  Same goes for Ms. Attitude!!!


thelovetrain said...

I love them.

I'd like one of those Ms. Attitude's, of my very own, some day. Maybe it's because I've always been the shy, reserved type. I think that she'd compliment my quiet personality. O[:)]

~Butterfly kisses ~ 'B'ehaved  @---->---



quartrlyfecrysis said...

lol, Captain....buttduck used to call and make peyton say 'aye aye Captain'...k, i think i have a problem with memories being triggered!  
the kids are just adorable...it ALMOST makes me want another one...almost ;)

redbaranjj said...

Oh!!!  They are the cutest!!!  I love all their nick names...too cute!!

vernae69 said...

They are so precious!  I saw Ms. Attitude and right away I was like AWE!!!  She's too cute!

pixiedustnme said...

I just LOVE them at this age - when they talk back to you it's still cute - lol.  It's been gorgeous here too - I am so glad spring finally made it.

robinngabster said...

Great pictures...kids are always beautiful.

mum24boyz said...

Awwwwwww..... simply adorable!!

Robyn :)

emeraldcalf said...

Those kids are adorable..I am loving Doll Baby and Blue Eyes..They are too precious. I have a thing for blue eyes and blonds..LOL


sarajanesmiles said...

So cute, doll face and blue eyes are adoreable, well, they all are really!
Mr Serious has to be my favourite, something about him reminds my of J, though J couldn't be described as serious!!
Sara   x