Friday, April 29, 2005

Can I rewind and start again....

It's been one of those days.  The type of days where there are a lot of 'almosts', but not a lot of 'got dones'.  

Mom and Dad left before 6am to arrive at the surgery center on time for her leg vein operation.  She was under general anesthesia, so that got to her to stomach, other than that, she is okay.  No pain as of yet.  

The girl woke up at the ungodly hour of 6am insisting she was 'Hungary' and chanting for oatmeal all the way down the stairs and into the kitchen.  When I cooked it (yes, really cooked~not instant), she ate 2 or 3 bites and wanted candy.   

Seems she forgot who I was for a moment  :)  So when I denied her request and she began to show inklings of a tantrum, I quickly reminded her just who she was dealing with and what the consequences might be should she continue down that road.  She still didn't eat the oatmeal....  

She did that all day, too.  Only taking a few bites of things, but it goes in phases.  Some days she'll eat like she's a starving child all day.  Then she goes into today's mode.  At least its not junk food....  

We watched some movies, read books, played games, and made things all before 10am, and I was ready for a nap.  She was not.  So, I tuned into Disney Channel and dozed in the recliner, keeping my ears alert for little feet treading where they shouldn't.  

Finally, at 11:30, I'd had it and needed sleep in a bad way, so I announced nap time.  I laid down on Grace's floor and slept for an hour.  I can't seem to sleep longer than that in there.  I got up and gathered her laundry to do later.  

Once she was awake, I started the washer and made lunch.  Again with the 3 bite thing and the candy demand after.  Again with the request denied and an added drink your milk, and no tantrum this time~think she got it?  :)  

There were many things on my to do list today, however I didn't have the energy or mind set to accomplish any of it.... well, I did laundry and dishes, but they weren't on my list.  I also had an accident prone day, so I considered myself on vacation before something or someone got hurt.  

Maybe accident prone is too harsh, more like a bad omen day because, as I stated, there were many 'almosts', but nothing happened that was bad.    

Tomorrow will be better, though I imagine the girl will still be up at the crack of dawn.....  

Hope you guys had a great day  :)  



pixiedustnme said...

Well now that sounds just like a typical mommy day, doesn't it?  Hope today goes better!

cneinhorn said...

aww one of those days...such is the life of a mommy...many of my days are like that too....hope today is a better day for you  :-)


vernae69 said...

Early bird catches the worm!  Ah who wants worms anyway!?!?!  I think I would totally lose it if my kids awakened before 8am.  You are lucky to catch my coherient that time in the morning as well.  Friday wasn't that bad for me, until I returned home from the class trip, and it was crap, literally from there on out...all three of our babies had a stomach bug, I was puked on, shit on, spit on, coughed on, I hope I don't catch it!

redbaranjj said...

Why, why do are kids do that....ask for something...make it...and then they take two bites and then want candy?  Josh is the same way...then when nite hits...right before bed time...the kid is starving and will eat anything in site!  
I hope your Mom is feeling better today!!  
And I hope your day goes much better today.  :)

quartrlyfecrysis said...

I don't know what I would do without those little naps in the chair ...popping up to say 'get out of the kitchen'.  I think she almost behaves better when I'm napping!