Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My 2 cents...


should be the next  American Idol  


If he doesn't win.... the record company that signs him will make more money than the one that signs the winner.   

Another Reuben/Clay ending..... I think No Way!


vernae69 said...

Should be? No Kitty, he will be.  We must believe in musical justice.  He rocked this pussy cat right round...like a record baby.

Shit what's it been?  An hour later, and I still can feel it.  Could ya feel it Cat?  Wasn't it just beyond words?

I may even enjoy sex tonight...Thank you Constantine....you made this girl cry.  

You made me forget who sang that song, and that has never been done by any other  American Idol contestant, or any other artist/singer.  All those little teenage girls were probably locking their bedroom doors, after your performance....that's hot.

Okay, back to Cat.  I'll let you have him first...cuz I'm cool like that.

And to think...6 weeks ago I despised him.  

~*MyStiC PizZa*~V~

mum24boyz said...

hope your'e feeling better !

sarajanesmiles said...

We get that here too, I didn't like Constantine until this week.  This week I thought he was the best by far :o)
Sara   x

cutebutpsycho028 said...

Oh, he really rocked last night, didn't he?? :D

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Chris is about to ban me from watching the show.  I say he should just work those nights ;)~
Both boys are yummy...I don't care which one wins so long as we get to see them shake their little tushies for us for a few more weeks ;)~  hehe I said tushies.  and I"m not deleting it!
Pey thinks the Anthony guy is Clay....poor disturbed child!  good thing she can't dial ;)~