Friday, April 22, 2005

I love playing poker....


In light of recent comments such as these....... let's play cards....  

"<putting shirt back on>  oops.  
yeah, I guess I'm still interested ;)~
Comment from
quartrlyfecrysis - 4/21/05 5:36 PM"      

"Laughs, Bernie.  I felt the same way, what a party pooper Cat is, afraid to get TOS'ed over some nudity ugh!
Comment from
vernae69 - 4/22/05 12:07 PM"    

Okay, Nae & Bernie..... I'll call your bluff and I'll host a version over at my brothel, too... just for you guys and those who dare  ;)  

Come on, say it with me......   ~Who's yo Kitty now?~  

I guess I'll have to let Sam in to play the doctor  ;)  If he's interested in that sort of stuff :)  .... all decent Cat Houses have a doc  ;)  

Time to put your assets on point....  and shake your tail feathers  :)  

I'm All in~  



vernae69 said...

Yo my Kitty!

perkysgrl said...

Go Cat :)

djzgirl71 said...

I'd say count me in but I pity the idiot who actually watched me strip!  LMAO!  You go girls!!


quartrlyfecrysis said...

You da Kitty ;)~
<throwin' in my chips :)~ I call>

redbaranjj said...

wooohooo!  You go girl!!   :D

gaboatman said...

Now Say AAAHHHH.....  LMAO!

sieblonde said...

OMG.  I leave you people alone for a few hours and an orgy or sorts, breaks out.  

~Sie ..(who 'ain't' showin her cards or much of anything else these days, to anybody.  so, ok then, it's agreed...  I'll be the referee.)