Saturday, November 13, 2004

It must be me.....

I don't know why I am writing this.  The people who mostly read me here seem to agree with things I say.  So this is falling on deaf ears... at least they're deaf ears that care about me.  

I have been searching for a part time job for about 3 weeks.  I know the economy is bad, but people say they're hiring.  I fill the application and return it.  I never hear from them.... or haven't yet.  But these aren't what I call 'real' jobs.  Not career choices I mean.  Just something part time to get me the heck out of the house and back into the working class (not to mention Christmas present money).  

So, I am applying for jobs people would consider beneath me or beneath my talents...yeah, beneath my talents.  Dad says they think I'm over-qualified for the jobs, so they'd rather give them to people they think will stay around...blah, blah, blah...  

I say that's crap.  Dr. M.L. King, Jr. said it best "If you're gonna be a street cleaner, be the best street cleaner they've seen."  I share the philosophy... I make the choice to be good in anything I do.  I commit 100% or not at all.   

I learn everything I can at a job, from as many perspectives as possible.  It can only help in the future, when people call in sick.  When that happens, I make the move of covering for the 'sick' one, and the upper-levels are usually impressed that I could jump right in and take over their job... it usually leads to something better... at least for me.  

But I'm getting no calls!!!  None, nada, zilch.  What is the deal?  Because I'm 35?  I still have an outstanding record of employment.  Because I'm a fat chick?  All the more reason to give me a job...exercise!  LOL.... I even had to fill out a pre-application (which I still think aren't legitimate, got to check with the BBB on that). 

Those folks wanted to know not only how many kids, ages, the usual... but also my height, weight, if I smoked and how much a day!!  Here's how that went on paper:  

 Height:Tall_                       Weight: Over_

Smoker: Yep                     #/day:_depends on the day__    

I get why I didn't hear from those  Maybe I'm kidding myself... that these jobs are reserved for teenagers and retired people and I'm going to wind up looking for temp agencies and such.  Ahhhhh, it's discouraging but it's not stopping me.  

On a lighter, much happier note.... My brother got a job!!!!  :::Happy Dance:::  Not just any old job either, but an entry-level management job :)   A nice, 10-6, M-F, regular-paycheck-distributing type job!  I know it is a huge relief off his back (and mind).  Parents and I included in that, too.  He's actually putting his Mechanical Engineering degree to use on paper.  Hooray for him.  

Hmmm.... I wonder if he needs a part-time secretary/ assistant?! ;)  

Looking ahead...  



redbaranjj said...

I fear the day that I have to go out and look for a job again.  But I hear ya...I have heard from even people around here how the hire sign is in the window...but they never hear back from them.  Even heard it in the check out lanes....
Its not you...if they don't hire's their loss...  Nowadays, I think it more of who you know to get you in the door.  Don't give up hope...things will work out.

sieblonde said...

When I went back into the workforce, I signed up with a bunch of temp agencies.  It got my skills back up and I had steady work when I wanted, until I accepted one of the offers to stay there fulltime.   Maybe you should give that a try?  ~Sie

st0rmwhispers said...

Hey Cat...I once had to hire 3 people (1 for my replacement because I was leaving) and 2 for a new department.  I received  so many resumes (60 or 70 that qualified) that I couldn't peruse them all so I started looking for things like Bold handwriting ...unusual ink colors (the job needed imagination because there was a lot of problem solving involved....) and unusual names or fonts ....  My replacement used a shortened LisBet (instead of Elizabeth) and purple ink...figured that I couldn't go wrong with that and 12 years later she is still there and has 5 people under her charge (I only had 2).  Its hard to show how you are more qualified than another person on you might try using a heavier weight pen (y'know medium instead of fine line) and a slightly unusual ink worked for Lis.

thelovetrain said...

Whooooo knows Cat?

But, I do know this. Nothing will get a wadded-up sheet of paper upside an employers head quicker than telling me, "I need your application, NOW." I've always been that way and age has only enhanced it. Lord knows, I'm blessed to be retired even if, the pay sucks.

I imagine that if I were a business owner looking for applicants to fill a menial labor position, I'd be more inclined to hire an eager youngster. They're generally less set in their ways and easier to boss around if, the rare mood struck me.

You're pretty snappy and I might be inclined to give you the twice-over out of the corner of my eyes. Mind you, for our relationship, nothing suits me better and I admire that quality in you.

Perhaps if you ask your next prospective employer in an oh-so incoherent manner, "Duh, how do you spell Cat" or say, "I just love it when my man says, Tote that barge, lift that bail", you'll ace the next one.

~Philosophying, 'B'

valphish said...

I think we would be lying with ourselves if we thought that certain jobs did not hire the prettier or younger person or the person with more education or less depending on what they needed.  They are not supposed to be like this, but I know they are.  My daughter went out looking for a job and got one on the spot about a month ago.  I truly believe it is because she is presentable, 18, and very pretty and thin.  It was a retail job.  They weren't even hiring!  It was the first place she went to.  I was aghast when she got home.  The manager actually hurried after her after she put in the application asking her if she wanted a job.  Strange.  And there are so many people who need jobs in this world.  Good luck on your search.  You will be in my prayers.

vernae69 said...

Hey.  Where u been?  How bout updating us on your little one?????