Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Way to go Colts!!

Colts running back Edgerrin James breaks away from Vikings defender Brian Williams on his way to a first down in the fourth quarter.

NFL.com wire reports    

INDIANAPOLIS (Nov. 8, 2004) -- Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison broke the NFL record for most completions by a quarterback-receiver tandem during the Indianapolis Colts' game against Minnesota.

When Manning connected with Harrison for an 8-yard pass with 13:28 left in the third quarter, it was the 664th completion for the duo. Buffalo's Jim Kelly and Andre Reed set the previous record from 1986-96. 

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning throws a pass against the Vikings during the fourth quarter. The Colts won 31-28 and Manning had 268 yards passing and four touchdowns.

Manning and Harrison needed just 6½ seasons to set the mark.

For Harrison, it was his second milestone of the night.

With 2:11 left in the first quarter, Harrison hauled in his 800th career catch -- a 12-yard reception in his 131st NFL game. Harrison, the 11th player with 800 catches, got there in fewer games than any receiver. Jerry Rice had the previous record, needing only 154 games.

Harrison finished with six receptions for 81 yards in a 31-28 win, giving him 804 receptions for his career and 668 catches from Manning.

Don't get me wrong here, I am so happy they won.  After three consecutive losses..... they needed one.  They had to win.  But for as much talent as we have on offense, our defense still needs work. 

Not everyone~ Dwight Freeney (#93) is awesome and one of the few playmakers facing opponents offensive lines.  Speaking of offensive lines... ours needs to buy Manning a little more time (Culpepper had lots of daylight at times..... watch Pittsburgh's line--they give 'ole Roethlisberger a very wide open hole to see the field). 

And we need some big honkin' dudes!!  We're more the size of ponies than Colts, even, compared to the other players in the League.  We're like the miniature NFL team.  Yeah, smaller may be quicker and if you're going to tackle correctly (go for the lower body--legs, ankles) and not try to arm tackle when one is 5' 8" , 185 lbs vs. 6' 0", 250 lbs, then size really doesn't matter!  But I still think we need some beef.

Colts Rock!

A Loyal fan since they moved to Indy....



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sharkie412 said...

Thats right...way to go Colts...way to go! :) I agree thier D gave those Vikes some day light shortly before the half. At first though they kept that QB of the Vikes quite busy. Then the Vikes managed to lose due to poor clock management among other oopsies.
But that Offense of the Colts was fun to watch on Monday night.

st0rmwhispers said...

:::::whispering:::go colts!  shhhhhhh  I live in Michigan now.

ldebbiedeb7 said...


sieblonde said...

I have one word for you.   Falcons.  (evil grin)  ~Sie