Sunday, November 14, 2004

Uh-oh, now they've done it.....

It seems the people at Target decided against allowing the Salvation Army's Christmas Bellringers to solicit us for donations this year!  They claim that if they allow the Salvation Army to do it, they will open the flood gates for every other charity out there.  

Shall we boycott Target?   

The Salvation Army states they will lose 10% of their take-in without Target Stores.  Officials are trying to seek other options (Marsh Supermarkets have allowed the Bellringers to start 3 weeks early...Marsh Rocks!).   

If I was a head honcho at Wally World (Walmart), I'd personally hand deliver a check to the charity doubling Target's would-be take-in ;)  (It's the devil in me...heehee).  Who knows.... this move may wipe Tar-ghe'  out, seeing as how all the Christian-like folks are all fired up over the election and all....   

Turning away a charity like the Salvation Army??  Are they just insane people running that place?!  And at Christmas? about shooting one in one's own foot......  

Did you know: The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 in the United Kingdom as The Christian Mission. It took on its current name in 1878.  

I wrote in a previous entry (which I'm too lazy to go look for right now) about my volunteer work--to teach my kid there are always people in the world worse off than you--I deliver blankets on cold nights to homelesspeople on the streets, most of whom I see again on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at the Salvation Army.  

Most are Veterans.  

Real smooth move, Target.  



redbaranjj said...

I heard about that too....  :::just shaking my head:::  Guess they won't be getting my business this holiday season.

thelovetrain said...

No Salvation Army at Target? No way! That's going to cut 10% off of my sleight-of-hand bucket money.

No worries, I'll make-up the diff' inside the store.

~Slick 'B'

valphish said...

That is amazing to me!  Opening floodgates..that is a poor excuse!  Come on!  It is Christmas and this is the Salvation Army bellringers!

sieblonde said...

The philosophy that seems to be prevailing, reminds me of my kids and how they used to think.  If one child got something, the otherchildren thought they should get something too.  It was a tough lesson that life doesn't work that way.  

I'm betting if businesses allow one person to do one thing and turn down someone else, they probably would get slapped with a lawsuit.  It just seems to be the way people are thinking now.  

Maybe Target supports the charities and the community in a different way?   ~Sie.

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Hi Cat, I had to stop by.. i read stacey and vernae's journal all the time and see so much about you, I finally looked for the dagum link ;)  
This is just wrong to me, the holiday's are too commercial already...I'm ticked that Target (which I shop at religiously) would pull away from humanity in an attempt to be 'politically correct'.
We love to say hi to the bell ringers on our way in and my little girl asks us for the change so she can put it in the pot on our way out.  We donate to Salvation Army regularly, I'd rather them have it than even Goodwill which charges people out the butt at their stores.  
Honestly I'm glad we just got the Target card replaced with the Target Visa, I do believe if I don't see any bell ringers out front that I'm heading to Wal-Mart and Sam's Club for shopping this year.  Thanks for pointing this out, I may not have noticed it in the busy shopping season.

st0rmwhispers said...

I was lookin for a cause and I guess I found one....Gonna join the boycott.....

Wally world here usually has 2 out front....but just to be sure I am gonna have to see the whites of their eyes and the reds of their buckets before I go shopping!