Wednesday, November 3, 2004

They were right!!

So, it seems the folks over at 21st Century polling were right on the money!  They have been posting polling numbers that vastly differed from most straw and gallop polls.  Eventually those polls would catch up to 21st Century's, so I guess online polling seems to more accurately predict. 

When mainstream media was posting Kerry with a slight lead before election night, 21st was posting Bush (in previous entries here... somewhere).   This is how they predicted last nights drama would unfold:      

     Here is what we found. After balancing all of these factors:  
cell phone users, other third parties, and undecided, below is  
our prediction for the NATIONAL numbers:  

************** Bush  .... 51% of the national vote  
************** Kerry .... 47% of the national vote  
************** Nader ....  1% of the national vote  
************** OTHER ....  1% of the national vote  

I am impressed......  



st0rmwhispers said...

I'm impressed too!

visionarydiva1 said...

to be honest when I went to vote I knew that Kerry wouldn't win so I guess that's about the only thing I am impressed with on this election thnking about it off the top of my head

valphish said...

I was following their polling and taking their polls and getting their emails.  I am very impressed by them, also.

swebb1989 said...

I am very disappointed that 59 million people are still living with their heads in the sand like ostriches!