Sunday, November 14, 2004

Its Sunday all around.......

Well, its Sunday again.  So far, it has been a great football day for my teams (Colts, Steelers, and Packers for a refresher).  Went with my brother and Johnny to go watch the early games at a nice little pub.  I drank three beers and now I've got a headache from hell.  (I hate being such a lightweight, but hey...I make for a very cheap date.....heehee).  

For the Colts.....that Peyton Manning is something else!!!  So, so worth the money he is making (in my book).  Archie Manning (the Dad) refers to his youngest 3 (oldest brother Colin(?) had a career-ending injury) sons as his retirement well Peyton can fund his whole families retirement, including grandchildren.  But, again, he is well worth the money.  He's on course for smashing every QB record on the books!  My hero :)  

The Steelers--what can I say about Roethlisberger?  He's about as perfect as I've seen from a QB.  But I am well aware of the Steelers QB curse--Starting QB gets hurt, bring in the backup, backup does an awesome job for the rest of that season gets moved to starter, beginning of next season-QB sucks we'll see.  In the meantime-I'll enjoy the rest of this season and hoping Benny-boy goes undefeated for his career start.  

The Pack--as I write this, the Vikes just tied it up with 1:20 left in regular time.  Hopefully, Green Bay will score in that time (they have 2 timeouts left) and end this.  I hate to see my baby (Farve) get beat up so bad....but God I love to watch that man play!  He's such a big kid on the field....all heart, that one!  So, we'll see how this one turns out.  

Side note that if GB pulls this will be the first time this season all 3 teams won in the same week :)  

Now that I've bored all my non-football lovin' readers to sleep....   On to other stuff.   

Gracie is sick (AGAIN)!  I'm investing in stock for AIRBORNE, because my kid is about to become a lifetime user.  I know it is somewhat healthy for a kid's immunities to build up....but for the love of Pete, the girl has been sick every other week!  I am not having that.  I spent my childhood between ENT docs and ear tubes, sinus washings, tonsils way am I putting my kid through that.  I can make her a recluse at 3, right?!  

Speaking of docs ....I have my bi-annual girlie checkup tomorrow...yea--rah.  My doc is a woman....I haven't had a man in that position in so long....the thought of anyone being down there kinda turns me on.  Ok, sorry.... a little sick humor there.  I was just kidding, people!  Though there is seriousness in the first part of that ;)    ::::Straining back, pulling mind out of gutter::::  

For my readers from the great state of aunt Nancy is here from Rays Town.  She's my favorite aunt on Mom's side.  Her husband, Emory, is off bow hunting in Illinois so Nance is staying here til Sunday (or until he gets one).  With Grace being sick that cuts into their plans with her until she's well again.   

Nancy and Em have the coolest house... it is built into the side of a hill and goes underground.  I think I was around 8 or 9 when they built it and I fell in love with the idea immediately.  The beauty of an underground house you ask?  Why, its warm in the winter and cool in the summer inside without a/c or central air, heaters... nothing.   

Me being the Scrooge I am with money going out to bills, I mean.  When I work, I work hard and I don't want to work to pay it all out for bills.. so I pay me first...everyone else gets theirs second.    An example if I make $150 on a job, I divide that by the # of hours it took to complete.  So, if it takes 4 hours to complete the job:  150/4 is $37.50.  I take the first hour of the job for 'me' money, the second hour goes to savings (a little less usually), last two are for bills-mostly student loans now.    Now, of course, that isn't precise by any means.  Some weeks, months go real slow... taxes are seasonal for individuals, and I don't have a lot of business clients anymore.  Which is why I am out looking for a steadier paycheck.  And so, the cycle begins again on Monday.   

 On some personal notes to some people I've neglected, again.  Stacy (hope you had a great time this weekend :)!!), Vernae ( just make everything a good time ;), B (ya know who ya are, you've sparked a, Julie (can't wait to see pictures of the room(s) when done :), Lin (you crack me up, I love you guys), Amy (visionary, soon as I get a job, I'm running to the bookstore so I can catch up), Connie (gets some rest, girl, wish I knew how, too), Val (I think the photo guessing game is a great idea!), Krissy (I've neglected you the most..I promise I will get in the scavenger hunt soon!!), Swebb (wow, where do I begin... I envy you, don't stop being it), Storm (I love the bet your ass game), Star (I still want to see the , Muse (hope the new job is all you wanted it to be :)....gees, like an Oscar speech.. I'm forgetting people I adore.....all you guys, really..... I am reading, I promise I am!  You'll stumble across some comment I left, most likely short and sweet, but truly heartfelt.   

Hopefully this job-junk will settle before Thanksgiving soon!  



The Pack Won!!!

'What a Wonderful World'


st0rmwhispers said...


We like you ...We REALLY like you!!!!!!!

(P.S.  I used a gyno once that was so freakin cute my body reacted despite me thinking of England.....That doesn't ever work does any this day I wonder if he noticed...TG he didn't give his impression away...cause I am sure I would have died on the spot!!!)

redbaranjj said...

Go Pack!!  (They are the only team by the way!!)
Finally got the room painted and my desk down so thats if I wasn't so tired I could decorate....nah...maybe tomorrow...LOL!!
Hope you had a great weekend!

thelovetrain said...

I knew a gay-male friend of mine was unnecessarily 'frequenting' his Doctor. He just wants a man to hold his balls, even if all he gets to do is cough.

My life's an open book to those I like. Never hesitate to ask questions (personally), to scratch your curiosity-itch.

~Never sick, 'B'

thelovetrain said...

Oops, just remembered something Cat. Bottled-beer 'NEVER' gives me a headache. Draft-beer is like an ax in the forehead (everytime). It's a fact.

If you're drinking draft, try it and see.

~Former Bar-'B'