Saturday, November 20, 2004

i Dirty, rotten, scoundrels......

I am not a huge basketball fan.  I know --I'm from Indiana and that's a sin here, but its never been my  favorite sport. 

What happened between the Pistons and the Pacers was just outrageously unacceptable.    

From AOL Sports:  (edited) Ben Wallace, Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson and Jermaine O'Neal won't be on the court for some time. The NBA hands out indefinite suspensions to the four major players in Friday's melee.  

NEW YORK (Nov. 20) -- Indiana's Ron Artest, Jermaine O'Neal and Stephen Jackson, and Detroit's Ben Wallace were suspended indefinitely by the NBA on Saturday for taking part in one of the ugliest brawls in U.S. sports history, a fight with fans that commissioner David Stern called "shocking, repulsive and inexcusable."

League officials and police were examining videotapes of Friday night's melee and interviewing witnesses. The NBA issued a statement saying it was reviewing rules and security procedures "so that fans can continue to attend our games unthreatened by events such as the ones that occurred last night."

Artest, O'Neal and Jackson -- who all threw punches at spectators in the stands or on the court at the end of the nationally televised Pacers-Pistons game -- were to begin serving their suspensions Saturday night, when Indiana hosted Orlando.

The brawl was particularly violent, with Artest and Jackson bolting into the stands near center court and throwing punches at fans after debris was tossed at the players.

I think indefinite suspension is good for now.  I believe Artest and Jackson, and other players who went into the stands need to be banned from the game.  Extreme?  I think not.  

These people are paid huge dollar amounts to entertain us.  It is that simple.  They work for us.  It takes fans in the seats to pay salaries, administration costs, etc. 

Yes, it was wrong for the fans to throw things at the players, but that is what they pay SECURITY to do--get rid of unruly fans.  It is not the players place-when drinks started flying, the pacers should've hit the locker room.  Plain and simple.  

But retaliating against the fans?  A message needs to be sent to entertainers that feel like they can do anything they want just because they got pissed off.  It doesn't work like that.  

Here's my reasoning:  If a police officer had just been on a 125 mph chase for 45 minutes, got his suspect on the ground and happens to use a little excessive force, we want to string him up and crucify him.  But this officer chose to risk his life doing a job to protect us.  And he just put his life on the line, again.  

These guys play basketball!!!  There is no threat or danger, not even by drinks flying at you in paper cups (thats why they outlawed cans and bottles at games).  I wish the police (all service fields) made the NBA kinda money....they do alot more for us!!)

I have no doubt whatsoever that Artest and Jackson will be arrested on assault charges and sued (most likely in civil court) for their actions.  Their immature, uncontrollable behavior warrants that.  I am hoping the NBA decides they don't need to come back.    Talent doesn't disqualify temperance.  Ever.  

::::shaking head in disgust::::  




thelovetrain said...

I watched the ABC News footage. Pretty wild, for sure. I think that they need to cut back on 'the juice' a bit. I agree, they should 'never' attack the fans. That's a security issue. Perhaps they'll get what's due them.

On the 'all service fields' making NBA star scratch -- Firefighters-definitely, Police-NOT! It's the diff' in the mentality of the two (in general). Firefighters are mostly about risking their own lives to help & save others. Cops are way-too often about control, domination & individual power over others. Unless I need one BAD (and I help pay for their asses), I don't think much 'good' of them (I still rate them individually and there are some special ones). Unfortunately, they're necessary and better than the villains.

I happen to 'adore' most firefighters though.

~Flame on  (safely), 'B'

vernae69 said...

It was all over the news last night.  I saw this guy actually defending the players actions, he implied that they were protecting themselves, my ass they were!

valphish said...

I did not see this on TV, but I like the analogy you made with the police officer.  Just because your adrenalin is up does not mean you can beat up what you are pursuing.  Good post!

redbaranjj said...

I couldn't believe what I was seeing...I just felt so sorry for all the kids that were there...for the kids that look up to these was just all so sad.

ldebbiedeb7 said...

Not too "up to speed" on sports,but i Just wanted to wish YOu&Gracie a Wonderful Holiday!,D

st0rmwhispers said...

I love basketball but this is not basketball this is just plain poor sportsmanship.