Monday, November 15, 2004

Its in the Stars.......

I don't put these in here very often, but at times feel compelled.  The last couple of them I have put off.  Horoscopes aren't actually meant to take place the day one receives it.  Its more of a predictor of what may have recently happened or what might be....  

I, in no way, live by them or believe that what they say is absolute.  We can change our paths to fate or destiny.  

This was the first from yesterday:   

Here is your love horoscope for Sunday, November 14:

Your intellect and your emotions have an interesting rendezvous ahead -- perhaps they should be better acquainted in general? You're all about balance, so balance your head and your heart.  (heart, meet head.  head, meet heart)

Then this one:    Here is your horoscope for Sunday, November 14:

Here's one more day of your thoughts, feelings and most especially your words being amusingly blunt. Don't fight it. Enjoy it. Next week you can explain that you took a dose of truth serum. (Next week?!  How about everyday?!  Think I've been OD'd on the stuff)

And finally, today's:   Here is your horoscope for Monday, November 15:

Stop dwelling on the past. It won't get you anywhere, and it may interfere with a wonderful surprise the universe has lined up. Come on. What good will it do you to wallow?  (Oh, wicked, wicked wallowing...... get the f**k outta my way!)

I suppose those of us who read our horoscopes daily may laugh at these (like I do!) on a daily basis.  But where my mind has beenhere lately versus where my heart is, well..... the horoscopes said it best.   

As for the truth serum, I think telling it like it is gets someone further than sugar-coating or being PC (politically correct).  So, I'm blunt..... at least people know where I stand......  

Going to tend to recovering child   :

:::Huge kudos to NyQuil for kids :) ::::   



cumcalice said...

Perhaps its not n the stars...........
or the cards
of the oracles or any of the subsitutions we take on a daily basis for real living..............
and wallowing n the Wicked now what is that about?
I have been called Wicked since I was a child .................
so don't make it sound so bad..........
we only do n life what we want to do...........the only excuses is there aren't any
And if ur going to be compelled why don't be compelled about something worthwhile..............does it really matter what words say or people say........?
I think not, please don't try to enlighten the world with ur take on horoscopes............I would rather have a fortune cookie
                                             SINcerely Wicked

childebrand1968 said...

To Calice--  What are you....about 12 y.o.?  Did you bother to read this entry at all?  I am sure other whose journals you peruse (haha) would appreciate you reading the whole entry and then commenting.  Did you ever take reading comprehension?  I clearly stated that horoscopes are not an insturment of how to live one's life.  Gees.  If you're gonna attack someone, make sure you actually have ammunition.


PS--the proper English spelling is you are, not u r or ur, it makes you look more childish.  

valphish said...

Feel better soon, Gracie!

thelovetrain said...

"Oh, wicked, wicked wallowing...... get the f**k outta my way!" -- Now that, I like.

I always say, "If you see a weak-ass, sentimental, wallowing journalist, kick them into a deeper emotional-water so they'll sink & drown. Be kind, put them out of their damn misery!" (I'd do it for a horse but, I prefer to do it for a journalist.) I do however, make 'rare' exceptions for the truly good at heart.

I'm majorly hip to the 'truth' too however, around here, it's the quickest way to get yourself excommunicated. Oh well, I'm even MORE hip to being a 'truthful' loner. At least, I'll respect myself in the morning.

~Sometimes disrespectful 'B'