Thursday, December 15, 2005

Follow the leader...

I had an epiphany.  An a-ha moment.   

But first, an explanation of why I haven't updated my Cat House Journal... 

Basically after AOL yanked it, I didn't want to lose my work again.  And yeah, it was my fault for not saving it elsewhere... I never thought a private journal was held to the same accountability as public ones... I thought it was safe   :::cough-bullisht-cough:::   

So, I obviously cannot write what I write without being obscene <picture Christian porn> (My apologies to Christians, but that's funny right there ;)  

Here comes the bright idea....  

Why not move it to Blogspot?!  There are no rules on the other side.  I can go even harder than before ;)   I'll even be safe for graphics!  Don't have to worry about people I offend because I won't be politically correct.... or quiet.   

Anyway, the real question is will you follow?  I wouldn't be able to leave the link here because of the material it leads to.  So those who don't subscribe to some other feed or blog watch service might add it to their favorite places.  I usually say when I update it in here, though.  I like to keep you informed :)  

Gimme your opinions on relocating, please....  

Update on work is not good.  I was off today, but Molly worked.  She comes in at 2 every day.  She called me at 3:30 saying that #2, the one who made the shedding Christmas trees from yesterdays fun fare, was taking the reindeer down again!  #2 told her they wanted the parents to have them for Christmas and Molly responded that we're still open next week.  So, Molly put them back up in another location. 

At this point Molly stayed quiet, but it got to her.    Then, she called me back at 6 and said Mrs. lead yelled at her for doing artwork with the kids today.  Saying that Molly needed to clear any artwork with her first and that they had already done some artwork today.  She said this to her at 4:30 on her way out the door.  Molly did the artwork at 3:30, why couldn't Mrs. Lead have stopped her if she didn't want her to do it?   

Molly had had enough, so she went down and gave her two weeks notice to the office.  The upside is they wouldn't let her.  Well, they talked her out of it because she'll be a floater as of next month and won't have to put up with it.  These people are so petty and Mrs. Lead just doesn't do her job very well.  

Tomorrow, I am asking the Director for the credentials to be qualified for the position.  Mrs Lead said nothing while #2 and Molly had words.. in the room... in front of the kids.  How's that for mediating?  

She should have had them go out of the room, or to the staff room and deal with it.  Or, she could've just intervened because I really don't understand why they had to come down so soon (they were up for 3 days!)  We leave crap up for weeks....  

I foresee a meeting for our room with the Director coming.  Spread the holiday cheer ;)  

Molly has to work at noon tomorrow with Mrs. Lead and #2.  Maybe they'll move her to a different room....  she may request it.  I would.  

Well, kiddies, its bedtime for me :)  

Let me know!  



djzgirl71 said...

I'd follow your smut where ever it goes baby!


thelovetrain said...

I'm in Xanga Land now, honey, and barely have time to learn it (much yummier than AOL).

... Still trying to find a new residence in the Tampa Bay area.

~Brian <33

onecrazymomto5 said...

Let me know where you go and I will add you to change notes!!  I will follow some people anywhere and you are one of them!!  
I think you should definitely go for lead teacher!  It sounds like the one you have had the credentials but nothing else.  Just make sure you are ready for all the BS that goes with it!!  But she is definitely wrong in the way she handles things.  If it was a once in a while thing you could chalk it up to a bad day or PMS or whatever - but all the time is unacceptable when little children are concerned!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

of course i'd follow the Cathouse ;)  of course!

i can't believe that stuff the Lead teacher did!  The stuff Pey does at school doesn't come home until the last minute, they usually keep the art displays up in the hallways for 2 weeks (i know cause i see the same things every week or two picking pey up from chess club)  anyway, seems like Lead is feeling a little threatened and is trying to cause a few rifts.  even if she doesn't like what she does i'm sure she's getting pissy thinking someone may be stepping on her toes.  I really think you should go for that job!

have a great weekend doll!

dying4happiness said...

Sheet, the smuttier the better, so go, and I will follow.

lordofbutter said...

Wherever you lay your hat, we shall find you. I like the blogger home, and I still like effing around on AOL. So it's all good! ALL GOOD I SAY.

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Of course i will follow...
I followed Stacey... to blogspot.... =)
I try to stop by there at least a couple times a week

thelovetrain said...

When you wrote "follow", I may have misinterpreted it, in my first reply to this entry. I thought you meant as in, will I set-up a journal there, too. Actually, I already have one there, but my Xanga's so much more fun to play with when it comes to options and manipulating it's appearance.

... Will I 'visit' you on occasion, if you relocate? Of course, Cat.

~Brian <33

PS: By the way, were you able to access mine better, now that I adjusted it with especially 'you' in mind?

redbaranjj said...

:::raising my hand:::

I will follow!!!  :)  I miss your juicy stories!!  

I can't believe Mrs. Lead!  I am so glad they talked Molly into staying...that would have been a huge loss!  And good luck to you too Cat!!  I really hope this works out for you!  I think you would be really great at this!!  :)


emeraldcalf said...

PLEASE. MAKE. THE. OTHER. JOURNAL. I really really REALLY miss it.

Anyway, I hope you get the go ahead to get the other position. Sounds like you are so much more qualified than the one doing it now.