Wednesday, December 14, 2005

One way or another....

I don't like Jim Carrey too much... but I'm stealing his line.  "Somebody stop me!"  Actually, I have stopped myself.  Didn't know I  could actually do that ;)  

Yes, I am officially done with Ebay.  For now, anyway....  I did quite well, too.  Let's see, I got:  

1.  2 pairs of name brand jeans for $22.59 (I know! A steal for my size ;)

2.  A sapphire in 14kt yellow gold ring for $26.75

3.  A sapphire in sterling for $11.95  

And of course the child's items consisting of:  

1.  The Noddy doll for $21.95 (OMG! The only purchase where I exceeded my limit)  

2. 4 Noddy books (the big ones with lots of stories) for $19.69  

3.  Noddy stickers $3.24.   

Prices include shipping, too :)  Kitty did do well!  

But I am back to not being an ebayer now.  I could easily get caught up in all that with my never ending collection of junk addiction.  If I showed you my bedroom, you would understand.  It has been in clutter overload longer than I care to mention.  That is probably why I only go in there to sleep.  I can't really stand clutter, it just follows me around.  

Here's a pointless, drawn out story for you that tells the kind of crap I deal with at work....  

You know I mentioned my favorite coworker, who just also happens to be great at artwork with the kids.  She did these reindeer by tracing the kids' shoe and hands, using the feet as the face and the hands as the antlers.  Sounds neat, doesn't it?  They look awesome and she hung them outside our room, where we usually display the nice artwork.  

Yesterday, I guess someone took them down and put up 'My Christmas list' collages the kids did using cut out magazine pictures.  Not nearly as nice, but whatever....  

Whoever took the reindeer down, put them in the kid's cubbies to go home.  My coworker did not want them to go home yet, so she took them out and put them above the bulletin board inside our room, in front of the person who took them down.  She did not say anything to anyone about taking them down from outside.  

Fast forward to today, when the Christmas trees the kids made with another coworker (a paper tree with sequins and such glued on) started shedding their fake snow all over the floor, after some of our boys started throwing the balls at them.  Which then prompted one of our girls to sit there and eat anything that fell to the floor.   

So, I said to Molly (my fave) I think we should move those to the outside and bring the collages in here.  Make sense to you?  Did to me, too.  

I have no idea what Mrs. Lead thought I said, but she all of a sudden got mad and said that SHE put those up there and to just leave them.  Then she mumbled some other isht about "us not being there to worry about art projects and where they were, we're supposed to worry about the kids" and walked out the door to get a buggy.  That's what she does when she gets mad, she leaves.  Oh f'in well....  

So I said to Molly and the sub we had in there that we needed to vacuum that stuff up before the girl chowing down crapped a sequin at home.  Who needs that drama?  We swept it up.   

When Mrs. Lead came back, I said "I am sorry if I made you mad, but it is the kids I am worried about.  The kid is eating the stuff, so yeah I am concerned.  I could really care less about artwork and where it is or is not, but if a kid on my watch is affected by it, then yes, I am going to change that!" 

She took them down and put them on the table.  I asked if I should switch them with the collages and she said yeah, whatever.  

I left them on the table.  I don't respond to attitude.  Especially when given with no idea of what in the hell I was talking about in the first place.  She thought I was moving them because someone moved Molly's work.  Molly is quite capable of fighting her own battles, too.  That is why I like her so well, ya know :)  Once Molly took her stuff out of the cubbies and put them on the wall, Molly was over it.  

I was completely caught off guard by Mrs. Lead's attack.  I handled it and also emailed my other two coworkers, so they would know why the trees are on the table.  Andknow that I did it, and not Molly.  They like to blame Molly for everything.... they're still mad she instigated the cleaning of our room!  The funny thing is Molly is only 19 and is more mature than 3 of our other 4 coworkers!  

Maybe I'll vie even harder for Mrs. Lead's job now ;)  Keep pushing Kitty, woman.....  

In other news, Gracie had her class Christmas party today.  She also has another cold.  She wanted to go to school because it is their last day until after the holidays and the party, of course.  My girl ain't stupid ;)   

I went for the party in the last hour of class and all that child did was scream how she hated everyone and every thing!  I know she didn't feel well, but I will not tolerate the word hate from a child.  She can 'not like' what ever she wants to, but she does not know the strength of the word hate.  (I say the same thing for words like stupid and dumb, from kids).  Told you all I am a militant mom....  

Anyway, after I heard her say it more than I would ever let her get away with at home, that was exactly where we went.  Home.  I gave her some medicine, lunch, and put her butt to bed.  She should be happy she was sick or she would've had some 'Dawn' in her mouth as well....  

I went to work after that and Dad said she just laid on the couch most of the day.  I should've kept her home.  Now I know :)  

Well, that's all for me.  I wish I could go back in time where all I had to do all day is this:

                       Picture from Hometown  

Now, that is laid-back!  

Yes, she is biting her fingernails, too.  Where in heck do kids pick these things up?  I haven't bitten my nails since I wiped elderly people's butts for a living and Grace has never seen me do that....  She doesn't seem like a nervous kid to me... never has been.  I want to know why!  

That's Sammy the horse.  He arrived for her birthday :)  

Have a great one....  



randlprysock said...

Sorry to hear about Mrs. Lead's attack.  Sounds like you did really well for Christmas shopping!!  Hope your family has a wonderful holiday!  I still feel like I'm not quite done with shopping.  It's been crazy.  Hugs,

onecrazymomto5 said...

Great job on e-bay!!  Once I get on I stay on all day!  LOL!  

That lead seems to be a pain in the butt!  ARGH I wanted to smack her for you!  What's up with the petty isht??  Get over it lady!  Oh yes I can only imagine some parents horror at sequins passing at home!  I would have laughed, but I understand others don't!  Kids will be kids!

Miss Grace looks so sweet all laid back!  I love it!  Now I am the same way about hate and shut up.  They are bad words around here.  There are cuss words that get the soap and then there are bad words which get a nice firm butt chewing.  The just sound so filthy coming out of kids mouths


quartrlyfecrysis said...

OMG!  LOVE the horse!!  I used to sit on this one horse's (RG..Riverboat Gambler, cool name huh?!  The chick had a thing for New Orleans...had another horse named New Orleans Jazz..k, i'm off track) back JUST like that for hours and stare at the cobwebs on the ceiling of the barn while he munched hay....OH MY, I'm so happy you made me think of that..warm RG fuzzies :) loved that big lug!

Those are some darn good deals you got on ebay!  I'm scared of opening another ebay account!  ;)  Bernie has a problem with limits!

You should definitely keep after Lead position.  For me, I'd rather have someone like you in charge anyhow.  I like that you're the militant mom and that you pay such close detail to the kids and their habits and 'signs'.  You've got this great ability to asess several different outcomes while deciding how to go about something.  Definitely keep after it!

UGH! class party tomorrow here!  of course it's barely snowing outside so they'll probably close school early today and cancel or at least delay tomorrow..guess I should check the weather.  I don't wanna go get frosting and m&m's stuck all over me!  LOL, well not by kids anyway!
I totally agree with you on the word hate...I grew up being told not to use it, that hate is a strong word...MY big on that i'm trying to knock out of Pey's mouth now is SEXY!  Everything is sexy since some boy called her a 'sexy woman' last year.  The girls are all sexy this, sexy that, i'm sexy, you're sexy, let's dance sexy.  OMG, coronary!  I explained to her that sexy is a state of mind, an attitude and she won't understand it AT ALL until she's older.  aye mira! or however you spell it.

 ~run on Bernie ;) get yours now before they're gone!

perkysgrl said...

WOW Cat... You are sure on a roll :)

Those are all great grabs from Ebay.

I think I'd get too addicted to Ebay if
I'd get all those good buys...

Grace has probably picked up biting her
nails at school.  I had a preschool
teacher that bit her nails and guess what?
I bite my nails... Neither of my parents
do it... I got it from her.  Weird huh??

That picture is too sweet too :)


dying4happiness said...

I love Jim Carrey :)~

I hate Ebay, especially now that my brother hasa his own store on there and spends his whole life worrying about the things he's selling....he has a wife and kid he lives with, but never sees.  He locks himself in his computer room from 3:30 until his daughter goes to bed and then comes out...fucking asshole...oh wiat this isn't my blog...shut up Nae.

Your boss sounds like my mother, going gets tough and she finds something "important" that needs to be done elsewhere.  BITCH!

mum24boyz said...

wow, sounds like you did do well on e-bay, and yes it can get quite addicting! glad you put that girl to bed, sounds like she needed it..rofl!! Love the horse, by the way..

Robyn :)

lordofbutter said...

YOU are an EBAY expert! I congratulate you. But it's great you've cut the EBAY cord, color me impressed!

nighterror5 said...

I Love Jom Carey! He cracks me up, lol
Well done on your E-bay shopping there, you did do very well!
Gracie is adorable, I love the horse she is sitting on, it is adorable!
take a pic of the bedroom clutter, LOL.....

I would never have the patience to work in a daycare, I have no idea how u and Nae do it. The kids screaming over the phone drive me nuts, I get the headache for Nae I think everyday we talk.

Christmas is almost here =)


redbaranjj said...

I love that picture of Grace!!  That is so cute!!  :)  Josh bites his nails too...and neither Jim or I ever have in our lives!!  Don't know where he picked it up either.

Ahh...Ebay...I did get a lot of great deals on there myself for gifts this year...except for that one asshole...but after a very thretening letter...he is going to fix the problem for me...doesn't help me now that it won't make it here for Christmas...and I still have my we shall see.  

Sounds like Molly and you need to run the day care!  Such crap those leads put you guys through...and why?  Sounds like they need a new job in a new field...
Hope things get better...