Friday, December 23, 2005

The battle against time...

Well, folks, IT is almost here.     

Welcome to Christmas Eve Eve.  The day that finds most out and about trying to tie up those loose ends, while those who had their holiday shopping done in July, laugh.    

There are a few brave souls who do not even begin shopping until today and some even tomorrow!  I am not one of them.  Nope, all my gifts have been purchased.  They are still scattered throughout my already overstuffed bedroom, unwrapped, price tags intact...  etc, etc, etc.... but they are here.    

Last week, I volunteered to work today.  9-6.  Being Christmas Eve Eve, one would think parents would be dismissed from their daily doldrums of duty.  And they were.  We had 9 kids, lost one by 12:30.  I was down to 2 kids at 4:30....  The last one left at 5:55.  Merry f'in Christmas to the glorified baby-sitter, huh.    

Now, part of me expected this, don't get me wrong.  But I was one of two asst teachers who left last.  And she was yapping away on her cell phone....  Some rooms only had 4 kids all day and they all left early.  I still had a lot to do at home.  Make that still DO!    

I can't afford to buy everyone gifts where I work, so I had to make extra candies.  I gave 8 boxes away and still have enough for our open house tomorrow night.  (Open house is where anyone who has no place to go can show up.  We don't make plans, we just have a lot of food and spirits ;)  Oh yeah, and candies and cookies, too....    

I still have to decorate the sugar and the shortbread cookies.  And roll the truffles.  This year, I only made two flavors.  One is made with a Raspberry liquor and the other is Bailey's Irish Creme.  I was out of Kahluha (my favorite!) and Gran Marnier, so I ran with what I had.  I pour the alcohol in after the ganache has been heated, so it has its full effects ;)    

I dip the Bailey's in powdered (confectioners) sugar and the Raspberry is dipped into unsweetened cocoa powder.  Believe me, it needs to be~it is sweet.  Typically, I would dip Kahluha in an instant espresso powder mixed with a little powdered sugar and the Gran Marnier in white chocolate shavings.    

You're mouths are watering, I know ;)    

I made almond brickle, Grams' toffee, and pretzels dipped in melted white chocolate, peanut butter chips, and chocolate chips (separately of, course)  Then I roll those in various toppings like chopped almonds or pecans, jimmies (or sprinkles), colored sugars, mini chips, and even one with mini chips and marshmallows (have you ever tried to cut a marshmallow?)    

Now, you're hooked!    

I have been a busy confectionary cat. Never know, next year I may be able to afford to ship some out to my bestest buddies.  Get enough people addicted to my stuff, and I could be in business :)    

Almost forgot, I had to make some plain ganache truffles because Grace said "That's not fair.  I can't have alcohol yet."  Can't deny a 4-year-olds logic.... hope she still says that at 15!    

I'm closing with my mother's gift from me this year.  You see, she cannot stand for us to buy things for her.  She doesn't work like that.  The woman has not bought new clothes since I was Grace's age.  I am not kidding.  She hits yard sales, church sales, Goodwill....    

So, anyway, I had this brainstorm.  Since she prefers things we do to things we buy.  I relined all the drawers in our upstairs bathroom :) 

The stuff we had in there was brown and white and old.  Very old.  Mom had the bathroom redone in a peachy color last summer.  I bought contact paper to match from the hardware store (I adore hardware stores :)  I did that tonight already.    

I believe I finally will make my mother happy with her gift this year.  That, my friends, is a grand accomplishment ;)    

For those traveling, be safe. 

For those gathering, enjoy. 

Forthose hosting, relax. 

For everyone:  Merry Christmas!    



quartrlyfecrysis said...

Ayeeee!  and the frantic rush of the holidays begins!

Your confections sound DELICIOUS, yes, mouth is watering.  :)

That's awesome that you did the drawers and cabinets for your mom!  I'd cry if someone did that for me!!!  I hate peeling off old paper and cutting the new stuff down, i always end up having to scrap it together ;)

Merry Christmas Kitty, to you and yours! :)


sarajanesmiles said...

And a yum yummy ;o)
Merry Christmas to you Cat, and of course to the lovely Gracie!!
Love your present to your Mum, I'm thinking she will too :o)
Sara   x

onecrazymomto5 said...

Merry Christmas Cat and Grace!!!  I hope you have a wonderful day and Santa is good to you!!  
Oh yes send goodies.  From the sounds of things I would go in business with you or at least keep you in business.  

redbaranjj said... that you have my mouth watering!!!  ;)

I hope you and Gracie, and your parents and family have the most wonderful Christmas!!!

Hugs and Love,

emeraldcalf said...

Mmmm...candy! I love y'alls open house. That is a fabulous idea.

Re-doing the drawers? Pure genius. I bet she loves it.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


randlprysock said...

Wow!!  That sounds awesome to be able to make all of those candy delights!  I really hope I get some more time this year for baking and cooking.  Merry Christmas Cat!!  PS I sent you an email with the lady to send the request to take a test to.  Hope she invites you to test for the transcription job.  The daycare must be really trying at times but I bet you are a great teacher. Hugs,

nighterror5 said...

I need some of those yummy cookies made and mailed to me too, LOL... they sound awesome, and yes my mouth is watering now.. thanks!! lol

I hope your Christmas was a good one =) I thought of my all my J-land friends (which is not many) anfd was hoping you and everyone else had a great Christmas. Was Santa good to you and Gracie? Hope all is well now that it is all over and done with =)


quartrlyfecrysis said...

okay, i had to tag you...