Monday, December 5, 2005

How long?

Time flies.   Especially when searching frantically for something.  Or bidding like a mad woman on Ebay ;)   You see, I have a problem.  

My 4 year old daughter is in love.   Yes, people, my girl has been bitten by the love bug.  Gracie has a boyfriend. 

Unfortunately, he resides mostly in the UK.  He is an elf and his name is 'Noddy'.   She loves him so much, she wants him.... and only him... for Christmas.  The problem is I can't find him in the States, except for Ebay... and even there, he is hard to come by.  I have been in bidding wars all week.... okay, for two weeks now ;)   I have been outbid each and every item. 

So, I wander across the pond and I cannot afford to buy and ship it here.  I looked at and wow, what a selection of elven delight.  Not gonna happen.    There were a few Canadian items... outbid.  I have under an hour on an 11" Noddy plush doll on Ebay... I may go as high $20.00 just to have something Noddy under the tree. 

No retail stores know who I am talking about... they all want to sell me the Breyer horse 'Noddy'.  Why they can't tell the difference between an elf and a horse, I don't know...   

Had I known it would be this difficult to obtain, I would have had our friend, Jackie, get something from England when she went home to visit last summer!  I didn't know Noddy was so unknown here...  He's been around since the mid to late 50's.  I love the books (by Enid Blyton) and she has so many stories for older kids too.  Anyway, he's a cute little guy, as Gracie would say ;)  

So, that is what I've been doing with my computer time lately.   

Work is going okay.  We have a total of 14 kids in our room, but only on Wednesdays do we have them all.  I have made it through a complete rotation of children now.  All the ones who were there when I started, are now in the 2's room.  My favorite little blue eyes was the last to move.  She was speaking in complete sentences and could say any word you said to her.  Her favorite was cappacino  ;)  

There are a few kids in the newbies who are growing on me fast.  Others, not so much so...  Funny thing is, all the ones who I think are cute, turn out to be brats.  We have some very spoiled, undisciplined tots.  Ones who are not used to being told 'No' and who get their way everytime they cry at home.  I'm not saying we are hard on them, but when you have 10 or more toddlers, you have to say no.   

A couple have complete meltdowns if you say no or take a toy away that they have taken from one of their 'friends'.  They don't get the concept of sharing when they first come into our room.  By the time they turn 2, they get it.  

But, with the bad always comes the good... and they make up for the ones who drive us up the wall.  The majority of the kids are pretty good. 

My coworkers are well.  #2 still drives us nuts, always leaving early and having to be right all the time.  It's Christmas time, so I'm on good behavior ;)  

Tomorrow is dance class for the child.  Her main recital for this year will be 'Alice in Wonderland'.  I love that story, so this should be a blast :)  Her class is going to be the Oysters.  That's their ballet routine. 

The tap routine will be performed in the other recital, 'The Big Top' and they will be cotton candy :)  Some will wear pink and some will wear blue.  Being this is her second year, it ought to be interesting :)  

Okay, well gotta go check out Ebay, again.....  

Hope all is well with everyone!  

Thanks to Bernie for my Christmas lights on my no ad signs ;)  



redbaranjj said...

Hey Cat~
I have been doing a ton of Christmas shopping on Ebay myself this year...and here is a tip.  
When you put Noddy in the search, and on that first page of everything Noddy...there is a 'buy it now' tab.  Click on that and you don't have to go into bidding buy it right away.  ;)  Try that and see if that works.  
Josh use to like him too...we have the Christmas book about Noddy...we actually found it at the dollar store!  :)  
Good luck and happy bidding!!


sarajanesmiles said...

Awww, I love Noddy :o)
If there's any way I can help I would be glad to do so Cat.  Can't have Gracie missing out on her new love now can we!!
Sara   x

onecrazymomto5 said...

OK I have never heard of this Noddy fella but if my daughters were biten by the love bug, Jeff would make him a cuss word around here!  LOL!!  They love to see him get all flustered and defensive when he hears they have a new boyfriend!  I will be on the lookout for anything Noddy!!  Good luck to you!

sieblonde said...

I remember those days.  It seemed the kids always desperately wanted that one gift that was sold out.  I hated that!  I hope you get Noddy.  ~Sie

quartrlyfecrysis said...

talk about those hard to find holiday items ;)  I've never heard of Noddy, but if Grace is in love he must be one cute elf!

A few years back I was so addicted to ebay, it was scary!  Then in one drunken ebay spree I bought a rabbit fur coat....have no idea what I was thinking!

Boy, I can't wait to see the pics from the upcoming recitals :)  cotton candy is my favorite!  pink or blue, i'll eat it all up ;)


visionarydiva1 said...

Hey Cat...I was wondering do you still have that other journal where you write the short stories...I haven't gotten any alerts on it lately. I am not sure what my kids want for christmas...shoot I am afraid to ask because I ain't got no money.


lordofbutter said...

Ebay frightens me. I've looked, I've seen. I've been scared. So much stuff, so few dollars to buy! LOL.

nighterror5 said...

I never heard of that doll before either, than again, I never hear dof half the things the kids want. I seem to miss all the commercials for these things. $20 for a plush doll? That's insane but hey, if that is all she wants, i woud pay money for it too! Kids don't know what "no" means? Damn.. that is all my kids hear from me, hehe. I think I am hard on my kids, when it comes to being hard, but my husband is the stickler to the kids, I tend to be more leaniant with them. Spoiled? No, my kids don't get everything they want, and they cry too... Cry babies, LOL


P.S. Goodluck on E-bay and goodluck today, it is Wednesday, full house for you at work =(

mum24boyz said...

Good luck getting your Noddy...I have never heard of it, either...Hope you get it!!

Robyn :)

jenniferinfla said...

I know Noddy..we are military and spent 4 years in England.....hes everywhere over there.....too bad we aren't still there...I'd mail you some....I have friends there still..BUT with Christmas right around corner...never would srrive...I just got some milky buttons ( a british candy my kids love) that was sent 3 weeks ago and now with the christmas rush it'd take longer.

lvrs4evr28 said...

Hey Cat.  A friend of mine recently sent me this link to this site that will help you "cheat" at bidding on ebay.  I haven't used it yet but she has and vouches for it...I went to school with her and known her for years so I am sure its legit.  I'll email you the link...I'm not real sure if it'll help you or not.  Maybe you got lucky already have have won "Noddy."

happy holidays!