Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Helloooooo, and Happy 4th....

Hello my friends  :)
Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Independence Day!  We just got back from my brother's, where we essentially had a block party. 
It was a very good time, despite a firework gone crazy... while it was shooting sparks in the air, it somehow fell over and shot a couple rounds out into the crowd, one hitting a neighbor in the chin (leaving an instant swollen bruise and very distinct impression of itself) and then it ricocheted into my Dad's moccasin, leaving a nicely self cauterized hole in the first layer and half of skin.  Being that Dad is diabetic, well... we'll keep an eye on it.
Other than that (which did happen right before we were leaving), it was a really good time.  I hope (and pray) that you all have as good of a time, minus the accident.
So, some have asked where I have been and, well, I've been here... lol.  Just don't have the time to write right now.  Hopefully, by month's end, I won't be so busy.... But here's some pictures showing part of why I haven't been around often these days.... She also played T-ball this year, but my scanner isn't cooperating at the moment~so I owe ya that one ;)
      Ballet routine~ 'I will go sailing no more'  from Toy Story  :)        
Take care, Loveys...


perkysgrl said...

Your baby girl is not a baby anymore, is she??  Growing up so fast!!

And she is beautiful :)

Glad to see you writing... hope to hear more from you soon!


naughtynoregon said...

Oh how I have missed you...been wondering how life has been treating you.

Your baby girl is a big girl now Momma. She is gorgeous as always :)


emeraldcalf said...


I have missed you. Grace is such a lady now! She's grown so much. Gorgeous pics!

Can't wait to hear more.


randlprysock said...

CAT!  Missed you!  Happy 4th!!!  Love that ballet picture!  Welcome back!

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Hey girlie!
Grace is beautiful ~ love the pics....


stupidsheetguy said...

Good to see ya. Love to hear about people having a good time.

The Little Dancer is adorable!

zosche973 said...

Just popping over to say hello-and to tell you it's good to see an entry from you
again! Happy BElated 4 the picture! It came out well...I like the colors you have chosen for your journal...the super red cats are cool! Have a good
week friend! ~Diane~
PS: Made a rare and new entry myself yesterday...stop by if you have the

pixiedustnme said...

How CUTE!!  Can't wait to see the t-ball pics :-)

gaboatman said...

Awww, Cat!  Gracie looks so cute in these pictures.  I can just see her playing T-ball this summer.  I understand about being so busy with life that the journal has to wait a bit.  Sorry your nieghbor and your Dad got hit by some of the fireworks.  Glad there was no serious injury.  It was really good to see that you had stopped by my journal today.  Big smile here!  Hugs!