Sunday, January 14, 2007

On opposite sides....

You'll rarely find me doing this.....
Come on, New England!!!
Beat the Chargers so we can play YOU at the Dome  :)
             Go COLTS!
Kitty Out~
10 minutes later:   YEA!!  Colts play at home next week...


onecrazymomto5 said...

GO PATS!!!  I am saying Pats and Colts in the Super Bowl.  Jeff says Chargers and Bears!  We shall see!!

sarajanesmiles said...

No idea what you mean, he he, but glad you got the result you wanted ;o)
Waving at Cat, just 'cause I feel like it :o)
Sara   x

gaboatman said...

This is shaping up to be a very good contest!

quartrlyfecrysis said... on!! :)
I just love...looooove that we get a shot at the Pats for the AFC title.
Did you see the game?!  at the end when LT took off across the field to go talk smack to caldwell?!  I thought a fight was going to break out!  Thank god for instant replay, I had to show Chris. what would be wicked would be for Vinatieri to win the game with a fieldgoal at the last minute....haha...Patriots suck, even more without him :)
And we're at home in the dome....Vinatieri can't miss.  LOL, did you see Dungy when he made the kick Saturday?!  He said 'He made it, he made it'  ...loved it!  Hmm..where did V-jagt go anyway?!  I didnt' pay attention once Dallas let him go.

GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya babe~