Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Well hello there!
It seems as though time has gotten away from us again.  I hope everyone is doing fine and preparing for the holiday season that is approaching quickly.
I am ready for the break, that's for sure!  For those who don't know, I decided to go back to school in September.  It was definitely a spur of the moment decision and depended on whether I received financial aid or not.  Happily, for the first time in my life, I qualified and am now pursuing a BA in business administration.
I'm doing it through the WED program at St Mary-of-the Woods College, in Terre Haute.  I've not taken distance learning programs like this one.  I've attended off-campus classes before, but there are no classes this time.  You get a curriculum and go home.  So, its taking more effort on my part to sit here and study, rather than do other things that need to get done.. lol.
My girl is fine.  Doing very well in kindergarten, other than not knowing when to stop talking...  I'm trying to get through to her that I had the same problem and if she doesn't get it under control, school will not get easier.  Hopefully something will get her in gear.
Work is going well.  I took the morning off because my throat was on fire when I awoke, so I go in at 2pm.  There's been a nasty bug of the spewing-from-either-end type going around at the daycare.  Took out a lot of kids and staff for a few weeks.  Luckily we are the germ-o-phobe room and we constantly wipe things down where the kids have been.  Our room avoided it for the most part, but did have 2 kids come down with it because they had siblings in the other rooms.  On the jobs hazards, ya know?
That's all from my neck of the woods.  We're expecting our first measurable snow fall tonight, only a couple inches predicting by tomorrow evening... nothing to keep me from going anywhere.
Stacy, I hope you're not swimming over there!  Wow. 
Take care all~


pixiedustnme said...

Journaling is like coming home to an old friend, isn't it?  I'm glad all is well there.  Sounds like you have a TON on your plate....but way to go!  Feels good to be back in school (sometimes?!) doesn't it?!

emeraldcalf said...

Congrats on going back to school. I applaude you for doing the distance learning. I couldn't do it. I like my deadlines the way I have them. :)

Hey! You and I could start a sorority!


gaboatman said...

Congratulations on going back to school again!  Now that you are neck deep in studying it may not seem exciting, but believe me, it really is!  I wish you all the luck in getting through the curriculum.  So, Grace is little miss chatty in kindergarten?  Not surprised, but she is a smart one and will wise up soon enough.  Sorry you are feeling a little ill, hope it passes soon.  Happy Holidays to the two of you.  It really is good to hear from you again!  :)

onecrazymomto5 said...

I am so glad to hear that you and Grace are doing great!!  Congrats on going back to school, I know you will enjoy the break!  Merry Christmas if I don't get back here before then.

valphish said...

I am so excited for you, Cat!!  Wow, going to school!  I have a 5 - 10 year plan for going back to school.  I do hope I can do it.  Good luck, hon!!  I am glad Gracie is doing well in school, too.  I had a daughter who never stopped talking when she was younger, too.  True story - I once paid her $20 to stop talking.  (It worked.)  LOL  Take care and Merry Christmas!  Hugs and love, Val xox

stupidsheetguy said...

I wanted to be sure and get by here to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New  Year. All the best to you and yours, my friend. Love ya

sarajanesmiles said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Cat, with love from me, Jelly and Spud :o)
Sara   xxx

gaboatman said...

I stoped by to wish you a very Happy New Year!  I hope your studies are going well and that you and Gracie had a very Merry Christmas.  All the best to you in 2008 my dear friend!

madmanadhd said...

CAT!!! congrats on going back to school!!! Excellent news> How did it go last semester? I bet you aced it... no matter you are back at it. Best of luck next semester. Keep at it!