Thursday, April 13, 2006

Long time coming...

Hey there JLand buds....
How've you all been?  Things here are slowly, very slowly, falling into a new routine.
This is my first week I work daily.  I've been initiated in with an extremely busy week!  Last week was Spring Break here, so we had 1/2 the number (between 9-11) of kids we normally have.  So, that week wasn't too crazy.
This week, however, has been non-stop, action-packed activity since Monday.  We have been working on Easter projects all week, which haven't been too tedious on us teachers. 
Yesterday, we took 24 kids to the Children's Museum.  I had a headache from hell when I woke up that morning, too.  Can you imagine all those kids at the museum with a headache?!  It wasn't a pleasant experience, but I faked it well. 
We divided the kids into groups, led by a parent or teacher.  That helped tons!  I only had 3 kids and they were content in wandering around with me :)  I forgot about my head throbbing until we boarded the bus to go back the daycare, then it let loose.  Nausea and all....
Somehow, my Lead and I managed to get lunch done~I do not remember anything about it.  Seriously.  When I left for lunch at 1:30, I asked my boss if my Asst could close for me, and she told me to take a long lunch (2 1/2 hours) to get rid of it.  It worked, too.  I had until 4 o'clock, but made it back by 3:30 headache free :)
Today, we went down the hall to the adult daycare to have an Easter egg hunt with them and enjoy our snacks with the 'grandmas and grandpas'.
The kids really did well!  My Asst (I only have one now~yea!) was freaking out about it because she didn't know how the kids would act.  But they were all very quiet and very well behaved! (We had 21 kids today)
They loved the egg hunt and even said thank you to all of them without being prompted!  They all got high fives for that :)  And the older folks just ate up all the attention, too....
After they were finished, we went back to our room for a few, while we divvied up the stash so all the kids would have the same thing.  Some kids' bunny bags were full while others had one or two eggs, so we made it all fair.
The last couple of days in Indy have been very, make that viciously, hot!  We hit 80 today.  Now, this is actually normal for Indiana.  We'll drop down to the 40s and 50s one more week, then straight into summer it'll be hot.  No in between, or transition period.  Just heat and lots of it.  Nae would like it.  Me~not so much ;)
We went to the school's playground by the daycare and I had Mom (who is now off on Thursdays) bring Gracie up to play, too.  She loves going to my work and being the teacher's kid.. LMAO.  One of my little girls got a splinter in her finger and I had to get it out.  Well, Grace started getting mad and yelling that I wasn't their mother and to get away from me.
She was tired,very tired, but I had never seen her jealous before.  She wasn't jealous ever when she visited in the toddler room... but since these kids are her age, it makes all the difference.  But she had fun, despite that.
Tomorrow we are dying eggs with all the kids.  Can we say disaster?  I can see dye being spilled everywhere!  And that stuff is not washable.  We are also making a special snack that I have no clue as to what it is, but I know it involves cream cheese and english muffins...  I doubt any child will eat them, but I bet they'll make a huge mess making them!
Thinking I'll be happy when Easter is over.  Gracie has 3 egg hunts this weekend, too.  I'm sick of it already...
Mom is leaving for PA tomorrow morning to visit my Grandma and my Aunts, so I'll be on Grace patrol until Wednesday.  Its gonna suck not having my Saturday morning sleep in.  I'm such a spoiled baby ;) 
Thinking about playing hooky on Monday, but we'll see how tired the weekend makes me. 
Speaking of tired, my doc keeps switching my thyroid med to higher levels.  She says its not working at all.  Great.  That would explain why no matter how little I eat or much I exercise, I cannot drop any poundage.  I weigh more now than I did when I was 9 months pregnant.  I've topped my highest weight ever.  More than what I weighed at 19, my previous 'heaviest' period.
It does explain a lot, like why I'm tired all the time, why my periods come when they want to and not when they're supposed to, and why I cannot remember a damn thing.... but I don't get why it just stopped and that bugs me.  I want to know answers, not keep trying higher levels of medicine.  Take some blood or an xray or whatever, just find out! 
I don't know how long it hasn't been working, either... but just the fact that it isn't... is enough to scare the crap out of me.  It cannot be good.  The problem I have now is that I'm being kicked off medicaid in October and if I get diagnosed with anything, I will not be able to get medical insurance.  So I have to shut up until I get it through work, then I can find out what's ailing me.  But my boss isn't acting too fast to get me insured, either...
I'm going to have to go on strike soon because I was also due for a raise in JANUARY and still have not heard when that is going to happen...  I've asked nicely.  I'll remind her nicely two more times.... then I'm dropping my bomb.  They surely don't want to get me mad over this crap.  They owe me!
So, that wraps things up for now.  I hope you all have a Happy Easter holiday with friends, family, or whomever you choose to spend it with!
We're not celebrating family Easter until next week since Mom is gone.  Can't have a holiday without Momma....
Picture from Hometown
Ya'll take care now, ya hear!


onecrazymomto5 said...

Oh yes I want to come and watch the disaster unfold while dying Easter Eggs!  Why not just paint them so much neater in the end?  Less stains etc!  I feel for you on the headache and field trip!  NOT COOL!

I am with you on the thyroid meds!  Give me answers not just more medication!  Although that really does explain a lot of things that you are going through!  I hope that they are able to get that straight for you soon!!

Happy Easter to you and Grace!!  I hope that you have a quiet, uneventful lovely weekend!!  Oh and by the way high 80's here for the next few days anyway!!

djzgirl71 said...

How ever and whenever you celebrate Easter have a super holiday.

Hope the doc figured out whats wrong.

Super Duper pic of Gracie!

Love you,

randlprysock said...

Your little girl is just adorable!  Love that bunny in the costume too.  Sounds like a fun and busy week at work!!  I love going to museums but I gotta admit you are brave to go with all those kids.  I know my turn is coming.  Field trips... two ... sigh.  I'm so scared.  Lol.  Hugs,

perkysgrl said...

Look at Gracie!!!

So Freakin' Adorable!!

Have a wonderful Easter... even though you really won't be celebrating it... but have fun dying those eggs ;)


dying4happiness said...

We had the week from Hell thank you very much.  I won't even talk numbers, let's just say there were more kids than I could handle.

I have the same damn problems...always tired, periods showing up whenever they want, can't remember anything....yet my thyroid is fine hmmmm.

And yes, I would have loved that weather...80, hot?  Puuuhlease, I want 90's!

~Happy Easter~


redbaranjj said...

I so hear ya on the thyroid.  They still haven't straighten out my meds in two years now!  The wieght, heck, I weighed myself at Josh's doctors and have gained AGAIN...and I am hardly eating!!!  And the memory loss...I can't tell you how many things I have lost these past few weeks...I am surprised my head is still on and I haven't lost that yet.  I told Jim not to trust me with anything important...or I will lose it.  And then with all this stuff with Josh...I can't remember my own name half the time...they call for Mrs. B... and I start looking around for Jim's mom!  LOL  
I love the picture of Grace and the Easter Bunny!!!!

*Have a wonderful Easter!!*


quartrlyfecrysis said...

I love that picture of Grace :)  too cute.

That sounds crazy at work...hopefully you're not tie-dyed kitty all weekend ;)

Strange what's going on with your thyroid...that's odd, hopefully work will get in gear and you'll get that insurance soon and get it figured out.

Have a great Easter when your mom gets back!
Take it easy Kitty~

sarajanesmiles said...

Catching up with you m'dear :o)
Love the picture of Grace with the Easter Bunny, so cute!!
Also, chuckling at the pics in your 'all about me' thing!
Sara   x