Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Bye. Mom...its ok, you can go home by yourself, you'll be just fine.

     Vacation Church School started this week. I was expecting the worst, as usual. I mean, it was Grace's first time away from people she knew or without one of us around. So when she just ran in and started playing (and I had to practically yell at her to get her to say goodbye), I was a little shocked.

     Although she is very friendly and outgoing (more than any 2 1/2 yr old should, I did expect a call saying you just have to come get her at any moment. It never happened. So when I went to pick her up and saw that she'd been crying, I was secretly kind of pleased thinking that she'd missed me. I was wrong. She wanted more animal crackers and she couldn't have anymore, not to mention she was very sleepy.  Ahhhh, my bubble burst.

     In my quest for my sanity, at that time I realized that I need a life.  But I am happy that she didn't have any kind of separation anxiety, that makes things a lot easier :)  I think it's time for preschool and then I can actually get a real job!  Til next time



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