Monday, July 12, 2004

Hot child in the city

It is so hot and humid today...guess not much is going to get accomplished. I love winter, so my hot weather friends are laughing at me while I am cursing mother nature today.

It might be of note that our house was built in, central air or air conditioning is pretty much throwing money out the window. My parents have restored this house over the years and with the scraping of the paint last summer (which caused a terrible ordeal with lead based paint...d'oh), it was finally dubbed 99% done.

My paternal great-grandfather built this house, my grandmother was born here, and passed away here (now, that just doesn't happen anymore) on 9/10/02. I moved out when I was 23, but after being laid-off from my job of 12 years, I moved back home. Now, my daughter is here with my parents and I. So, that makes 5 generations that lived in the same house. We had 4 generations here at the same time for over a year.

Oops..rambling again.....anyway, my point is that although the ceilings are 10' up and all the rooms are connected by big open doorways and is way to hot to function. I don't know how those women did it back when they had to actually wear clothes and be covered. Not to mention HAVING to do all the housework or face wrath for it. Hats off to the ghosts of my female ancestors who still hang around here, I admire your stamina. And if you would return my watch, grandma, I'd be very happy :)

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