Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Brat Camp....

Am watching 'Brat Camp'.  

For most of these kids, I have one sentence to say:  

Piss poor parenting skills!  

I swear this show is backing up my rant on people needing parenting classes before they ever think about actually having kids.  I think these classes should start in 6th grade for boys and girls, in school.  Part of the class is to live with a robot baby for 3 months, maybe even 6 months.  (I think this would cut the teenage pregnancy rate faster than you can blink an eye).  Teens may still have sex, but they'll both be sure there is protection!  

Honestly I'd prefer the program not end until the child is out of high school, with a new robot child 'growing' as a real child.  Maybe even aging twice as fast to get to the teenage years..ha!... but I have to be realistic.  Most students would not make it the full length of the program without turning the 'baby' off or breaking it.  But it would still make a point about how much fun a baby is at that age ;)  

So, back to this show.  There are several teens on this show who are the product of I Want Syndrome.  Now, as most of my readers know, children usually get the first symptoms around age 2, some earlier, some later.. but it starts early.  This can be cured, though, by not giving into them.  It is all about consistency, and following through with requests and punishments.   

If it is not ended early and continues on through teenage years, well... you get kids out of control.  Some of these teens, like Lexi, Jada, and a couple more, are like that.  I was one, too.  That is how I know what it takes not to make Grace like I was.   

I was catered to, and demanded it, and always, eventually, got my way.  I manipulated, lied, stole, was defiant as all hell, skipped school, did drugs, drank, had sex with strangers I just picked up... all the stuff these kids are doing.  It took years after high school for me to get my shit together.  And a lot of hard work and self realization, self acceptance.  

I do understand there are circumstances with the others here, that led to their behavior at home.  I'm not talking about the kids who really need help in this entry.  I know they exist and glad these programs are available for them.   

For example, one set of parents is talking about their daughter being spoiled, and given everything.... now she steals money to get what she wants.  Ticks me off, I want to smack them upside their heads....  They created the monster, now they want someone else fix it!  Why I oughta.....  

Alright, I won't go there.  

So, anyone else watch this show?  



happysunshien said...

I watched it and AGREE TOTALLY!  Will be watching it next week...


pixiedustnme said...

Amen Sista!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

ooh, girl don't get me going.  I plunked down last night and watched all of it!  I was one hell of a teenager and did far more than those kids have ever dreamed of.  I totally agree that it was lack of parenting that led them there and that the parents are taking the easy way out of their half ass parenting.  
Parents need to be real with their kids.  In these days of celebrities rule and money is power we need to teach them to earn what they want and be respectful of themselves!  Most of these kids were making total fools of themselves, I was glad to see the ones like Lauren (i think that was her name..the one who's dad died..cute, tough as nails girl) who really did have troubles and bad attitudes but had a good head on their shoulders.  That girl was acting out because she hurt, not because she was a spoiled brat.  Reminded me of myself ;)
I could go on all day about that show!  Good fundamentals though, I like the structure the 'camp' had :)

billandnae said...

I can't watch that cra panymore, I just sit there and say WTF is wrong with these parents too.  Then, I sit back and look at myself and realize what a hypocrite I have become.  Okay, I'm not as bad as some parents, smarter and more in control than most I know, but dang, I got many faults....but sometimes I do watch stuff like this, to make me feel better about myself!

missboogerhead said...

I still say that it bites that you have to take a test to drive but not to have kids... I hear ya!  
I don't watch it but I can just get.
~Miss O

redbaranjj said...

They created the monster, now they want someone else fix it!

I totally agree...what kills me is these people who air their dirty laundry all over tv!  :::shaking my head:::


djzgirl71 said...

Yes I watched!  I even threatened my kids with going there since it is so close to my house.  I live in Central Oregon and almost applied for a job at the Sage school!~  I sure have missed you!


stupidsheetguy said...

unfortunately, I not only saw it on TV, I see it way too often in public.

Sounds like we might be thinking alike, here.


onecrazymomto5 said...

OK I watched 2 back to back episodes last night.  I threatened to send all my kids there.  I can honestly admit I am at my wits end with Alex.  His backtalk and mouth are about to get the best of me.  I really don't know how much more of it I can take.  He isn't into the drugs or stealing or anything more than the typical preteen mouth but please pray the child makes it to 13 with his teeth intact.  Actually maybe that is what he needs enter middle school with no teeth.  Then I could hear "Mommy I promise to be good if you get me new teeth."  LOL!!
My house is something like Nanny 911 gone wrong.  That show has yet to surprise me with anything.  Sad I know!