Tuesday, July 12, 2005


It seems I also failed to mention in my zoo entry that we did go to see the new underwater dolphin dome!  It is really cool, smaller than I though it would be, but very nice :) 

We went there on our way out, I almost forgot to go, but we passed by the dolphin pavilion and the light bulb in my head went off <epiphany moment>  

We also caught the dolphins in between shows, so the three of them were swimming around.  I don't think they are used to this whole concept yet, because they kept swimming to the gates that let them back into their habitat.  So, I'm not sure if the dolphins are handling their new underwater visitors.  Aww, poor mammals....  But we liked it.  

I went into work yesterday at 2pm because Dad had to go to the dentist.  We only had 7 kids, so it was an easy day.  Tomorrow will be a different story.  

Today was a dark and drizzly day thanks to Dennis' remains.  The rest of the week is supposed to be the same, but getting hotter~oh joy.  We didn't do much today, worked on phonics, alphabet, and reading comprehension (I read, she answers questions about the story).  Watched Noggin, Disney, and PBS kids for awhile.  Got out the craft boxes and let her at them.  Rainy days call for the big guns ;)  

Let's see, what else? 

On the political side, Karl Rove is still being investigated by a grand jury questioning if he was responsible for leaking the name of a CIA agent. 

The Press Secretary was reminded that he stated President Bush would fire any WH staff member leaking information in 2003.  Bush still stands behind Rove, since the investigation is ongoing.  Rove is the main reason Bush was re-elected.  It didn't help that Kerry's campaign manager sucked at his job, either though.  

Watching Rock Star: INXS.  I'm into this one :)  I think Heather (the red head) has a lot going for her!  But, so far, there are a lot of talented people ;) 

It's really not so different from American Idol, but I'm hoping when people start calling to vote~they won't lose their sense of hearing like AI voters seemed to.....  

K, think that's it for now.  Thoughts to Nae's family, sorry again sweets.  

Take care, and smile people....  



redbaranjj said...

So glad you did get to see the underwater dome!  That looked really cool...sure wish we had something like that here.  
Dennis was here today too...sure had to be awfully creative for the bored out of his mind little boy today...sounds like you had to be creative too!  :)  Now...if only we could get rid of the humidity and send it back down south again!!!
Thoughts are with Nae too....

sarajanesmiles said...

Those underwater things are fab aren't they.  
Glad you got to see the dolphins, even if you didn't see the display :o)
We get Noggin too!  Ours shows all the kids TV that I watched many years ago, is yours the same?  
Sara   x

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Gotta love the rainy days huh?!  I was actually glad to get rain!  My lawn was just about dead!
Pey is anxiously awaiting the mail lady!  She starts bugging when she gets up to go check the mail ;) silly girl, the mail lady doesn't come until the afternoon!
I haven't caught the INXS show yet!  I meant to watch it the other night but started watching a movie instead...tonight I watch boys in small underdrawers shaking their things on Strip Search on VH1!  WOO HOO!!!!
have a good one doll~

onecrazymomto5 said...

Glad you made it Dolphin Dome!  I love the dolphins.  Hate rainy days because you have to be extremely creative.  I'm back reading everyone's 10 most recent entries, so if I missed something important let me know!  What did I miss with Nae?  She didn't say anything.