Monday, July 4, 2005

Happy 4th to you....

Hope everyone had a great day today, and a nice holiday weekend...  

We had some folks over for grill food on Saturday, and lit fireworks then for the crowd.  The weather was picture perfect.  It was a nice time.   

Though, the morning didn't start that way.  My precious, but precocious child deciding to take a stick to the now empty birdfeeders.  Much to her surprise, a family of wasp had built their hive inside, and one immediately came out to 'greet' her with his stinger.  

So, one to the upper lip taught her not to go around swinging sticks anymore!  I put some Adolf's (meat tenderizer) on it, and gave her a little Benadryl.  It swelled to about 4 times its normal size, but within a couple hours, was back to normal.  

At least now I know she is not allergic to wasps.....  

Didn't do anything yesterday to write of, a rather boring chilling out day.   

Today, I cleaned a little and started working on presents for some nice little J~Land girls  ;)  Details coming soon....  Trying to figure out if I can make anything for boys... will have to see what I can do there.  

My apologies for not commenting so much right now.  My mind isn't cooperating lately.  Soon I'll be sending all kinds of comment alerts.  I have been reading, so you know I still care :)  

Happy Independence Day everyone!  



redbaranjj said...

Ouch!!  That had to have hurt!!  Thank God she isn't allergic!!  My Grandma was always a scary rush to the hospital.  

Glad you had a nice holiday weekend!  Happy 4th!


gaboatman said...

Kids will be kids!  Thank goodness she is not alergic!  Sounds like a nice Holiday weekend, Cat.  I, on the other hand, worked forty hours in three days.  Whew!  I now have two days to rest and recoup.  

cneinhorn said...

happy 4th to you!  :-)

perkysgrl said...

Poor Miss Gracie!!


The BBQ sounded great...

No worries about not commenting!

We all get that way :)


quartrlyfecrysis said...

It's always a relief to find out they're not allergic to something isn't it!  That's how I felt after Pey's first bee sting! least now I know!
Glad you had a good time on the 4th!!!

Take it easy Kitty :)

onecrazymomto5 said...

Today I caught Austin ( the 3 year old) outside catching bees.  He would walk right up to them and catch them.  None of them ever stung him.  I saw him catch 3.  Katie used to do the same thing when she was his age.  Except she would be outside and they would just land on her and she would walk around with 10 or 20 bees on her talking to them.  My kids are soooooo not right.  Has to come from Jeffs side of the family!!!