Sunday, January 1, 2006

And so on...

I got nailed. 

By Bernie and Nae (private~NONE for you!)... and a few others who did the blanket tag thing  ;)  

(Get your minds outta the gutter)    

5 weird things about me:  

1.  I clean the sinks before I wash the dishes.  And after.  I also rinse all the dishes completely before I wash them.  I won't put my hand into merky muck....  

2.  In dark places, alone, I intentionally look down and avoid noticing things because I don't want to see anything supernatural.  Yet, I am fascinated by the theories..... (Don't ask why I only do it at night and alone, either... we all know those things happen anytime)   

3.  I read over 50 journals consistently.  I only comment consistently in a few of those.... maybe 10.  I have no idea why I do this.  I enjoy reading others as much as the ones I write to.....  

4.  My hair is past my shoulders.  I don't like short hair (on me), but mine is ALWAYS up.  Either a clip, a scrunchie, or barrettes... but its always worn up~ even sleeping...  

5.  There are very few foods I eat mixed up (or touching each other), like biscuits and gravy, peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, cake and ice cream.  Foods that are supposed to go together and are served that way.  Anything else on the food spectrum is eaten one thing at a time.  Let's say I have peas, mashed potatoes, and meatloaf.  Peas first, followed by the potatoes, then the meat....  never, ever do I eat a bite of one then another.....  

Okay, that's what I came up with.  Probably pretty boring, too :)  

Not tagging anyone back.  Hoping to be the last person I know to do this ;)  

Happy 2006, people!  



oceanmrc said...

Chuckling about the peas then potatoes then meatloaf.  I love to mash it all together.

onecrazymomto5 said...

Now I am totally with you on the first one!  Sink has to be clean and dishes all but soaped before I run the water!!  Nothing worse than touching something in dish water that isn't supposed to be there!  EWWWW!  

mum24boyz said...

I have to go do my 5 weird things...have been tagged!

Robyn :)

djzgirl71 said...

Been tagged and I guess I need to do it.


dying4happiness said...

Wow...we're fucking Siamese twins!  But I like short hair, and I'm a buffet-type eater...a little of this, a little of that.  I always order more than I can devour but I can't help it.  I need to taste everything on the menu and take the leftovers home, smoke, then eat them before bed.

                                 Damn I have the munchies.



randlprysock said...

I love your quirks!  I should wear my hair up more often.  I am now wondering if I am one of the 50 journals you read-Lol!  I love your comments and they make me smile.  This was a fun one to do because we're all weird in our own little ways.  Hugs,

otto9613944 said...

yeah yeah yeah, tag this.....

hope you had a great new year. look foreward to reading all your life stories of 2006.


quartrlyfecrysis said...

i don't like to eat touching foods either..unless it's stuff i like to mix..see i would have eaten the peas and the mashed potatoes together..hell i'd use mashed potatoes as a condiment if i could!

i read a bunch of journals, but only comment in a few.  i got way overwhelmed with j's to read and comment in when i started commenting in all the ones i i understand the art of the lurk ;)

now see, i can never ever have my hair up when i sleep becuase then my head doesn't tough the pillow right.  if i lean back on the couch i have to take my ponytail out..and driving too, can't stand if my head won't touch the head rest!

Mmmmmmmmmmm  biscuits and gravy!!!!!!!!!!! damn i've got a craving now.

Happy 2006 Kitty Cat!

emeraldcalf said...

I have loved reading everyone's "quirks". I just makes me feel more normal (whatever that is) because I do most of the same things...LOL

Happy New Year!

nighterror5 said...

Hehe nice answers.. was the sink first? uhh ok..rofl..Gotta love ya!
Sounds like Gracie had a fantastic Christmas =) Was wondering where u were and how u were doing =)
Happy new year's to you and Gracie!