Monday, January 9, 2006


Hi guys!   

Time for a day in the life of Kitty update....   Well, I've had a great time lately.  Yes, I say that sarcastically, too. 

Let's see... I worked last Friday, my usual hours, to balance out being off work the week between Christmas and New Year's (the place closes, not by choice).  I was exhausted by the time Saturday came around...  

Grace woke up sick Saturday morning.  She ran a high fever, without Tylenol's assistance, and at one point I put her in a tepid bath (temp went to 105).  She vomited like four times, but she ate and kept things down during that time, too, so I guess it was some flu-type thing (she had a flu shot and the booster in November).  

She was back to normal on Sunday and a real pistol today while I was at work, Dad said.  Now, I'm hoping whatever she had doesn't go through the house...  Made the weekend go by way too fast!   

Ah yes, work...

They have changed the way the benefits are accrued, switching to a paid time off set up.  About 15 years behind the times, if you ask me....  Most of the employees who have been there a long time are really pissed about it all.  But, I'm used to it as most places I've worked used a PTO system.   

The way I see it (#56 Ha!), they should be happy they even have benefits... and a friggin job!  Like mechanics, we'll always be in business ;)  But many, many daycare centers do not offer benefits at all.  So, they should take whatthey get and be happy about it!  

Mrs Lead is still her spineless self.  #1 still sniffs butts.  #2 is now working at her other job and down to 16 hours a week :)  The less I deal with her, the better...  Ms Molly is now working total opposite shifts, with her school schedule.  Damn, I miss having someone I could trust work with me.  

Such is life...  

Tomorrow brings dance class for the girl and some other errands I need to do.  My favorite time of the year is fast approaching...  Yes, it is almost tax season.  The time I build my savings account just a little pile of wealth ;)  

I'm waiting for the software as I write.  I'm not sure what I'll get back, if anything, since I had no Federal withholding from my paychecks.  I may have Wayne claim Grace, so I can get a little more (he gives me money from his return anyway :)  Mom claimed both Grace and I last year because I wasn't working yet.  Like you all needed to know that....  

As for me, I'm waiting until the Colts-Steelers game Sunday.  I really want the Colts to make it to the Superbowl, yet I can't root against the Steelers.  I'll just sit back and cheer quietly... for both sides :)  

Hope everyone had a good Monday....  



mum24boyz said...

so glad gracie is feeling better, it stinks when they are sick for their little weekend off..Lets hope it doesn't go through the house!

Robyn :)

redbaranjj said...

Yikes 105 temp!!  That is scary!!  I am so glad to hear she is doing much better.  I hope it won't go around your whole house now!!  
Tax season....UGH!!!  :x


gaboatman said...

I'm glad that fever broke quickly.  105 is in the danger zone!  Hoping your don't catch the bug now, too.  Interesting that you look FORWARD to tax season.  Most people would rather do anything but taxes.  We always do ours early and it doesn't bother me much at all.  I agree with your attitude about the job and benifits.  With so many people worrying about even having a job, it's nice to have one that adds benefits.  Take care!

onecrazymomto5 said...

Well I am glad that the "bug" was quick to leave!!  I used to love tax time until Jeff's ex started getting it all.  $6,000 a year goes straight into whatever she wants.  She never uses it for the kids or anything, probably a new car again this year.  She gets a new car every 2 years, like clockwork!  I need to find someone to claim my kids so that I can at least get the earned income back.  God knows I need it this year!  OH WELL!!

quartrlyfecrysis said... first ;)  I've been so torn.  I didn't want the pats to go to indy cause the colts have had 3 rough weeks, even tho they barely won last week.  BUT I didn't want the steelers to go, AND I didn't want the steelers to lose to the f'in bengals!  i hate when it gets down like this and you've gotta root for the next few weeks in one game.  gotta remember who's gonna play who if so and so wins.  AYE!  I'm gonna make a fantasy league next season....that should be FUN!

Really sorry about the flu-bug coming thru.  We had something come thru here after Christmas.  gotta love this time of year.  Glad she recovered quickly tho, poor doll baby.

AMEN on the benefits!!!!  Chris is finally getting some at this job!!!!!  YAY!  And it couldn't be more welcome seeing as his mom went behind our backs and cancelled his and Pey's insurance and we just got back billed for all this stuff because she lied to us and told us she didn't cancel it, that she was having problems with it...BYATCH cancelled that shit back in f'in MAY.  We just got billed for Chris's tooth extraction :)  OMG, and the lab tests for Pey's bacterial infection.  Just to go to the doc and have the urinalysis done..300 fucking dollars.  and we still have about 300 on the dentist.  Those girls better be happy!  Benefits in these kind of jobs are a real prize!

Oh yeah!! Tax season.  I don't file now that i'm not working.  I give them no reason to look my way after being audited a few years ago...THANK YOU H&R BLOCK!!!!!!<youuuuu suuuuck>!!!!!!!    ....Take your taxes to Kitty!!!  

Purr Kitty :)

nighterror5 said...

Glad Gracie is feeling better. Joey was up lastnight throwing his guys up, than was fine. I think he just coughs so bad he just gets sick from it, he gets from Nae, lol. Mondays are always horrible, I hate Mondays with a passion. Your Co-Workers should really be happy with the benefits they get, they could get none at all, than they would really have something to gripe about now wouldn't they. Yep.. such as life I guess.
Have a good week at work =)


dying4happiness said...

SO, work still sucks...same here.  I get paid under the table, don't know if that's a good thing in the long run, but oh well!

You best not be rooting against the Steelers...I'll beat you with my terrible towel!