Sunday, February 5, 2006

Rubbing it in, salt in the wound...




Because I can, I do  :) 


What a game. 

That first half was so close, had me worried for a second.  Especially those first 3-and-outs.... whew....   I knew it would be a close game, though.  Seattle wasthe toughest NFC team I have seen in a long time.  (Sorry to 'The Pack')  

Those wondering what was up with Palomalu not being a factor, he was playing with a very hurt knee, but he was still running all over the damn place :)  

The Bus got his ring.  He is calling it quits.  Good when players can retire on top of their game.   

My only complaint, and not really much of one, I thought Antwon Randel El should've been the MVP, not Hines Ward.  But since I'd do either of them... its all good ;)  

Next year, I'm predicting Colts versus Packers.  Right, Julie?! 

Sorry to my Philly fan(s) out there, but hey Pittsburgh is your home team too ;)  

So, I'm one happy Cat....


redbaranjj said...

I must admit I was really hoping for the Seahawks.  :(  But mostly because of Holmgren. (One of the best coach's the Pack had, which seems like so long ago already)  It would have been nice to see him win another Super Bowl....but it just wasn't meant to be.  
And it would be really nice to see the Packers back in the runnings next year, or even in the play offs!!  And yes, the Super Bowl would be nice...but I wouldn't hold my breath.  
Favre is seriously thinking of leaving the game for good...last interview I saw he said his body is still ready to play next year, but not his head....a new coach...and a pretty young team that is still learning...I don't know, the talk here is pretty high we will have the same season as we did this past year.  
But we can always dream.......
Congrats to the Steelers...they played a REALLY good game.  


hadonfield78 said...

Hey Hey Hey.............................
Dont start giving Peyton Manning any thoughts for next year...........
Maybe The Steelers want to start adding RINGS to the other hand now !!

visionarydiva1 said...

Hey Cat thanks for posting. I have been watching all the sports channels for the highlights. I wasn't able to watch yesterday.


onecrazymomto5 said...

OK that killed it even more!  There is something about the Steelers coaches face that I can't stand to look at!!  I am glad that you are happy though!  I was sort of excited during the first quarter but it went downhill from there!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Bettis ;) for some reason i remember people saying that like 'tight' back in the day.  maybe i'm just old and senile now~

It was an okay game..didn't seem much like a superbowl..but hey, i was just in a funk cuz the colts weren't there ;)

LMAO..i'd love to see colts and packers....i've got a thing with Favre cuz he looks like a guy i dated, people were always coming up to me telling me he looked like brett favre-got annoying!  Now when i see him i can't help but vomit a little in my mouth ;)~  my man against my anti-man...that's a showdown!