Friday, February 3, 2006

Just blah....

Lots to write.  Just don't feel like it anymore.  

Its not the same here. 

Losing its magic.  

The only people left, trying to make a mark, are frauds and wanna-be's. 

Present company, excluded....Nobody who comments here fits that description.  

But I know they're reading.  

Maybe I'll go private.....  

You've been warned.  


              GO STEELERS!


perkysgrl said...

You've said it all Cat... really.

If you do decide to cross over,
please don't forget to take me along
with you :)

Have fun on Sunday.... ;)


onecrazymomto5 said...

I hear you there!!  There are so many of us in a journaling funk that it just isn't very enjoyable here right now!  Make sure if you go private or elsewhere for that matter, let me know!!
YES there is going to be one hell of a commercial party here on Sunday!!  Jeff has to leave Sunday morning for Miami.  He is rooting for the Steelers and I don't like either team so I was rooting for the Seahawks just to have a little rivalry!  This is the first year that I really don't care about the Super Bowl itself!  BUT the kids are really excited about our Super Bowl party!  I go all out every year just for us and Jeff usually isn't even home!  So the usual party foods will be here and we will be watching to see the commercials!!  

dying4happiness said...

If ya noticed, the only ones left are the newbies...the ones that try way to hard, leave their links in comment sections's almost pathetic.

I think privacy is the bet policy, when it comes to AOL journals, unless you want dirty little devils reading and lurking in the shadows.

~Take Care Kitty, you know I'm always here.


quartrlyfecrysis said...

Amen to the funk.  Don't know why, but yeah..j-land is losing it's luster.  I find myself only going to my trusted j's and TRYING to find something else to read, so many of the J's i used to read are gone from here.  

I'll be rooting for Pittsburgh with ya doll :)


redbaranjj said...

I completely understand.  It's not the same.  But I must say I am glad the ones that thought they were really 'it'...are gone!!  ;)  
I hope you take me along for the ride if you go private.  


stupidsheetguy said...

Probably the only satisfaction you can get is that the little losers rarely come out from behind the phony screen names, etc, nor would they ever, in a million years, have the courage to do what they do, or say what they say, in person.

I figure it's like this... I've never gotten to meet these little peckers, but I've also never gotten to meet any maggots or leeches in person either. So I guess it's all good.

Take it easy. Don't sweat the vermin.


randlprysock said...

Hi Cat,
I try not to pay attention to the wanna be's or the frauds mostly because I read so many journals all ready I don't have time for the others.  I read a lotta mommy journals and they all seem to be going through the same thing I am with kids, jobs or/and housework.  Do drop me an invite if you go private hon!!  Hope you are having a great week!!  Hugs,