Friday, March 31, 2006

A day in the life...

Hi guys!  (had to correct spelling errors, disregard 3rd alert :)
Well, things around here are slowly returning to normal.  Grace recovered from the sickies only to end up with a UTI, which is now fading away thanks to her first antibiotics. 
Mom was down for about 3-4 days, but went back to work on Wednesday.  Dad is still sick.  He's had a fever for about 13 days, sometimes high, but mostly low-grade.  He also had a bladder infection (Mom had one first).  He's been on three different antibiotics and now he's taking Prednisone. 
He has COPD already, and emphysema.  Yesterday, after a trip to his doc's office, he was told he has bronchitis, too.  The combination of the three makes for a nasty sounding cough that goes on and on and on....  I came home from work on Wednesday and Grace told me that he couldn't get his breath.  It's been happening often.  So, I get to go to work and stress over my baby being here alone with my non-breathing father....
I've made sure she knows where my work number is in case something happens when I'm not here.  She told me she didn't want to talk about that right now.  I don't blame her... I don't either... but its better that she know than not know.  She already knows how to dial 911 if need arises....
I certainly don't want her to end up in state custody until I get home, though!  I'm not sure what the procedure is for paramedics when there is a child involved.  I'm hoping they'd take her to the hospital with Dad and keep her there until someone came for her.
I'm working all week now, except for Thursdays (until after next week).  Then I'll work M, W, Th all day, and half days on Tu and F.... until June.  My boss thinks she can make me work 40 hours, despite my insistance on 32 a week.  We'll see how that battle goes in June.  But I will only work M-Th, 9-6.  At least until Grace is in school all day, then we'll see.  I have to have a minimum of 32 hrs/wk for insurance coverage.
Which brings me to my next gripe.  This place is gonna drive me crazy with all their different rules for different people.  See, the girl I replaced had insurance through with them.  My boss told me she had to get me 'approved' to be eligble to even apply. 
If they believe for one second that I am working full time (32 hrs or more) without any benefits, they're more insane than I first thought.  Insurance is the only reason I am doing it.  If that isn't gonna happen, Kitty's moving on.  Even banks here offer benefits for part time....
I am loving it in the 4's room.  I come home with aching feet, but it beats an aching back with headache, any day :)  Time goes by so fast in there because it is always non stop activity.  So unlike the toddler room, where there is a lot of down time just sitting there watching them.  I think I made a good decision in switching rooms :)
There are rumors going around that Asst #2 (the control freak bitch) is looking for a new job now.  As is the Lead teacher in the toddler room.  So, I may be back in there if they need a Lead... I have a feeling that Asst #1's mom may be offered the job first because she will work 40 hrs/wk., but I have been there a year longer than she has, so they best not try and pull some crap on me.  Other Leads work 32 a week, so I don't want to hear any excuses....  We'll see, though.
So, that wraps things up from my neighborhood.  Hope all is well in yours!


randlprysock said...

Hi Cat,
Sorry to hear your dad isn't feeling well and having all those breathing problems and conditions at one time.  Glad to hear Grace is getting those antibiotics.  Hope you get the lead position!  I would love being a prek teacher except I have so much going on with three kids it's best for me I've discovered if I work from home.  Have a great weekend!!  I've been keeping up on your entries here and there but it's been crazy until I quit the other job.  Feels good for me to be back here with my kids and all of my own housework.  Lol.  Hugs,

dying4happiness said...

We just found out some bad news about Bill's Dad...I'll email ya about's never ending I tell you.

onecrazymomto5 said...

Bless little Grace's heart!  Yes I do believe that they will take her if they can't find get ahold of you right away or you can't get there.  I imagine worst case they would call the PD to come and sit with her or take her to the PD to wait for you!  Usually a female officer because they are better at that kind of thing!  
I hope that your dad gets to doing better and SOON!!  

redbaranjj said...

I am so glad to hear Gracie is feeling better!  These sickies really suck this spring, that's for sure.  Josh and I are still coughing up a lung every so often.  

Your poor Dad...I hope he will be okay.  Good thing you have taught Grace all the things she needs to know...I just hope she never has to use the tools you taught her.  

I knew you would like the 4 year old room!!  ;)


djzgirl71 said...

Geez, UTI's must be going around.

Hope you get the lead position and the bene's!


chevyz71gurl74 said...

Gosh i hope everyone gets better soon!
I've been sick as a dawg since thursday...
head, chest...fever...chills...u name it...UGH!
Hope everything works out in your favor at work