Monday, March 20, 2006

Get bent....

Had a long entry all type out and ready to go.  Opened my journal, clicked on add entry... and bye-bye AOL.
It sucks.
So, short version is:  I have a choice between working in my current room or the 4's room, 32 hours a week.  I am choosing the 4's room.  I worked in there today and came home not feeling exhausted and my back isn't aching.  It's not a Lead Teacher position, but it is definitely less stress not dealing with Asst #2, who came back from her heart surgery an even bigger control freak (read that as biatch ;)
Grace is sick.... again.  Not sure if she ever really recovered from the chest cold she had a couple weeks ago.  She woke me up at 4am, saying "Mommy, I don't feel properly"
Yeah, I had to laugh at that, too :)
Well, I took her temp and it was 99.1.  I gave her a half dose of Tylenol so I could see how she felt when she woke up this morning.  She seemed normal and wanted to go to school, so I let her.... and to speech class. 
When I came home for lunch, she was feeling pretty terrible.  Dad said the thermometer broke, so I bought 2 new ones on my way back to work, along with re-stocking Powerade/Gatorade, apple juice, and jello.
I came home tonight, and she looked even more miserable :(  Her mouth and nose are red and chapped from sneezing all day, and her eyes are all red and puffy from her eyes watering....
She wouldn't eat much.  Had two bites of chicken all day.  I made her some jello, and she devoured a whole bowl.  At least its something....
She doesn't get sick much.  In fact, she's never been on an antibiotic in her life, so that should say how little she is ill.  Normally, a couple of colds a year... but this year seems to be more.  And worse than a simple cold.  Hopefully, she'll be better in a day or two.
Had more written in the entry that got eaten, but I don't feel like re-typing it all.... and it wasn't real important, anyway. 
We've got a big snow storm due here tonight and into the morning.  With my girl being sick, I'm pretty sure we're gonna miss dance class in the morning.  Too bad, too, since its the last class before Spring Break.  I'll see if I can get her into a make-up class later this week.
Sorry, this entry isn't as entertaining as the one AOL ate.  It was more my usual cynical self, too....
Hope you have a good evening!


thegroovynoodle said...

Nothing worse than sick kids, huh?  Since Princess' surgery, I'm just exhausted.  I hope both our girls get to feeling better soon!

We're getting that storm too.  It's been raining and sleeting all day and we're supposed to get buried in snow finally.  Happy first day of Spring!  ;)

stupidsheetguy said...

Aww, too bad the Journal Monster ate your entry...a good dose of cynicism was in order! Damned technology...
Hope the little one recovers soon. And that you get spared any more winter weather. Let me know how you made out...I think it will be headed my way.


quartrlyfecrysis said...

send rain!!!!  please!  my nose feels like a desert and Chris keeps getting nose bleeds!

So sorry Grace is sick again.  This has been one heck of a year.  too cute, 'i don't feel properly'  TOO CUTE!  

I hope all goes well with your transition...sounds like it's a bit easier to get a breather in when they're that to occupy themselves a bit more and you can tell them they're too big to be picked up!  

Have a great week, hope gracie feels better!

nighterror5 said...

it is bright and sunny here, cold as hell though.
Joey woke up at 5:00 am saying his belly hurt, could not go the bathroom and felt like he was going to throw up. He sat on the toilet for like a 1/2 hour, went back to bed. I woke the kids up at 8:30 and he wanted to go to school. I was debating on sending him but he wanted to go so i sent him. just one more week and he gets perfect attendance, hehe.
Hope Gracie is better, I hate to see the youn ones so sick =(


dying4happiness said...

Jules had the same did Alex, Ciara, me, my mom my dad and about 10 of our daycare kids...make it go away!

redbaranjj said...

I hope Grace feels better soon!  If it's that flu that's going's hard to get rid of!!  Pray you don't get it either!!!  
4 year olds are the perfect age!! :)  I think you are going to like that much better!


nighterror5 said...

Ok, my previous comment, i sent Joey to school anyway.. well guess what. he came home saying his belly hurt, next thing I knew, he was throwing up with a 104 fever and is home with me today. I hate when the kids are sick, I feel so bad for them. All this poor child is doing is laying down and not even talking to me, this is so not my Joey, Mr. talkative and hyper =(

Hope grace feels better =)


onecrazymomto5 said...

Ayyy we were supposed to go to Illinois this week but thanks to all that snow we didn't.  We went to Miami instead - woo-hoo!!  80 some degrees down there!  Then we went up to Cape Canaveral and went to the beach.  The water was warm enough to stand in, but it was sweater weather outside.  Mid 60's but GOD it was nice to get away from the cold for awhile.  It really did me some good and we got to have some enjoyable family time which was VERY needed!!  

I hope that Grace gets to feeling better soon!  And I would take the 4 year olds over the 2's any day.  They are more fun to actually play with and interact with!!